Storypost | 2009.06.22

Dog weimaraner puppy sleeping

It was a rough weekend so I don't have a gaggle of cute puppy photos. Since last week he's learned to actually pick up the stick (below) and has made it onto the couch more than once.

Shots are due Wednesday, but Friday night is a bit more realistic. After that I can take him out to interact with other dogs. He did well at Burger Lounge on Friday night, getting no shortage of attention.

He definitely has a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on, cycling between wanting to chomp everything to the most docile (and slightly oversized) lap dog.


Does the pup have a name?

Hanging on the stoop this evening was fun. This was like a mini sequel of Summer '03. Ahhhh... we were young, dumb and drunk. Remember that time we walked back from En Fuego? Why couldn't things stay the same ....