Preview | 2009.06.30

Tehran meeting World War II

The crown jewel of my fledgling game collection is on its way, the 50th anniversary Axis and Allies set. Changes include re-revised rules, a very large board, cruisers, and Italy. There are optional research objectives, victory conditions, and start dates. I am preparing my fragile psyche for the brutal, taxing engagements that are to come. Each clash will demand cunning, flexibility, cohesion, and no small amount of luck. And they will be glorious.

War room accoutrements will no doubt include comfortable seating, caffeine/spirits, and time lapse image capture. A level of tension and investment can be achieved by anything ranging from antes to a half assed period-specific dress code (thankfully nobody wore pointy helmets in that war). If there are any closet Pattons (or outed Pattons, or 'just experimenting' Pattons) in the readership let me know and I'll put you on the contact list, everyone else shall have their fate determined by powers they cannot fathom.

Connie reclaimed her compendium of Settlers editions for a game night that included Ryan, Debbie, and Curt. Despite two newbies diving head first into Cities and Knights, after four and a half hours we were all tied at a mere eight points. After the dice circled once more we called it with three co-victors. Axis doesn't look so arduous now.

In other news I'm considering taking the sawz all to the master bathroom. It's a project that needn't be hurried, and I'm toying with the prospect of just tiling in the shower first, and adding vanities and a tub later.

More 'omg puppies'...

Dog weimaraner puppy chew toy rope

Dog weimaraner puppy cute smelling grass paws


where did your arder A&A:AE?

Puppikins face is a lot leaner than when you first got him. The pup is growing up!