Storypost | 2017.09.30

Dulles air museum restoration float plane Apollo capsule flying wing 2017

Horizontal slat fence planks stained

The iron fence around the front walkway was pretty well finished, so with the parents wanting to take on a project we decided to do a wood slat replacement.

Destruction was pretty easy. Sawz-all, angle grinder, the usual.

Horizontal slat fence poles

The next task was to dust off the hammer drill and put in some galv fence poles. We decided to work around the tree that had grown through the previous structure. At the same time, we stained the redwood planks.

We attached vertical supports to the poles for mounting the slats.

Horizontal fencing planks Horizontal fencing planks clamp attachment for leveling

The slats went on pretty easy.

Horizontal fencing entryway Horizontal fencing entryway Horizontal fencing redwood night lights

San Diego Zoo tram

We also snuck in a trip to the zoo food night.
RIP Battleborn

Battleborn screenshot explosion

Sounds like support has officially ended for Battleborn. It was a fun, brief ride.

It's too bad, really, but I think J enjoys the e-sports so we may move on to Paragon.

thumbnail Battleborn AOE attack thumbnail Battleborn Mellka message thumbnail Battleborn double kill Blostern thumbnail Battleborn Sentry thumbnail Battleborn storm
thumbnail Battleborn bird guy thumbnail Battleborn sentinel thumbnail Battleborn the veiling Rendain

Adroit Theory Virginia brewery

Even played some Battleborn at J's place, along with Switch with Lil'J and the usual sampling of brews.

Dulles air museum Discovery space shuttle Dulles air museum Enola Gay Dulles air museum Nazi flying wing WWII restoration space capsule

X Wing miniatures storage foam

I've had enough fun playing the X-Wing tabletop game that I picked up a sizeable used set. Around the office we've had a monthlong Axis and Allies Anniversary match.

Dog weimaraner sleeping eyes partly open conked