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Slideshow for October 2018

*slide-projector-kerchunk, slide-projector-kerchunk, slide-projector-kerchunk...*

Heroes of the Aturi cluster scenario space station

XWing miniatures fighters

Gloomhaven character sheet Mindthief Ratcliffe

Gloomhaven dungeon map hexes

Gloomhaven whiteboard accomplishments log not much to look at

Gloomhaven city event young boy dressed in rags

Gloomhaven tactics ChocolateWafer poison damage tweet

Divinity Original Sin screenshot cosmic place

Divinity Original Sin screenshot combat Jahan

Divinity Original Sin screenshot inventory holy hand grenade

RV next to semi truck

Hard Rock Las Vegas Nickelback display hopefully ironic

Xwing miniatures depth of field TIE fighters

SpaceX launch

Chat fridge full of La Croix

Broadway San Diego show tickets Aladdin Cats Charlie Miss Saigon Book of Mormon

Dog weimaraner inverted watching Jack Ryan

Chat EV owners booting oil burner

Funny translations microblogging crazy raw noodles

Cuddling dog weimaraner girl couch cozy

Axe throwing BattleAxeSD