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Slideshow for December 2018

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Weimaraner tumbleweed

Weimaraner hug Oakland bar

Blood Bank of the Redwoods coffee mug

Weimaraner on the dashboard golden gate bridge

Weimaraner on the dashboard Los Angeles

Backroads drive into Aptos Nisene Marks Soquel forest

Farcry 5 screenshot Father statue wingsuiting

Farcry 5 screenshot compound flamethrower

Far Cry 5 Boatercycle jetski beached

Far Cry 5 drifting vaporwave car

Far Cry 5 Polaris RZR

Far Cry 5 wingsuit father statue

Far Cry 5 zipline

Far Cry 5 floatplane helicopter combat

Far Cry 5 floatplane helicopter combat

Far Cry 5 blood dragon vehicle skin

Farcry 5 screenshot jumping from bridge

Farcry 5 screenshot its a jeep thing you wouldnt understand mullet

Playstation trophy Feeble screams

Del Mar track fairgrounds panorama

Del Mar Fairgrounds track Deere racing pun I apologize for nothing

Heartgard prepaid card scammy junk

Office desk workstation battlestation ample coffee cups