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Slideshow for January 2019

Pics or it didn't happen.

Everyones Gone to the Rapture kilroy was here

San Diego airport Karl Strauss broken lamp incident of 2019

Fire Emblem space dragon

Divinity Original Sin combat bomb lava

Divinity Original Sin character respec

Divinity Original Sin screenshot Raalzen Ax aroth

Divinity Original Sin final void dragon battle screenshot

Divinity Original Sin game over screen DOS meta weird

Beer bottle Hoptimization

Black Flag Brewery Maryland posters Star Wars Life Aquatic

FarCry 5 settlement liberated flag fireworks cheesy

FarCry 5 screenshot plane hit rocket launcher pilot

Far Cry 5 helicopter rocket launcher

Far Cry 5 sniper scope cougar

Far Cry 5 helicopter cliff

Far Cry 5 Joseph

Far Cry 5 map right to bear arms

Far Cry 5 Joseph mushroom cloud

Far Cry 5 rpg helicopter

Far Cry 5 tricked out sniper rifle

FarCry 5 helicopter landed on bear wtf

PUBG Vikendi space shuttle

Everyones Gone to the Rapture screenshot church

Deep Rock Galactic space dwarfing glowing rocks screenshot

Deep Rock Galactic screenshot sentries squad space dwarf

Viscera Cleanup Detail arm incinerator

Charterstone board game final board

Gloomhaven miniature Plagueherald Harold scenario traps

Dog weimaraner trail hike

Dog weimaraner surgery bandages ear

FarCry 5 neural style transfer flag fireworks

Neural network activation functions TanH ArcTan ReLU PReLU ELU