Storypost | 2019.07.20

Dog golden puppy beach sand covered

July is beach month, we did some vball at dog beach where Lana and Kaf and Herman got some swimming in.

Dog chau mixed breed bandana blue tongue lick park

Shar's been over a couple times as well. And Kaf got to join the GBES at Kilowatt brewing.
The Division 2

Tom Clancy The Division 2 capitol outdoor scene

Having finished Borderlands GOTY and the BL3 prelude, J and I started on The Division 2. After the seeing the first game get a hefty dose of free content and fixes, we were optimistic about what Ubi could do with the follow up. In short, it seems like Ubi retained single developer to keep the lights on and hired an enormous team of graphic artists; gameplay is almost identical but the environment design is unmatched. The level of detail is remarkable and really drives home the feeling of an abandoned Washington DC and other than loot containers, I simply don't notice any repetition of graphic models.

Tom Clancy The Division 2 screenshot pyro Air and Space Museum

Again, the combat is largely the same - it's a squad cover-shooter with an rpg flavor (enemies don't drop in a single shot). Special abilities that are effected through technology like a UAV and seeker mine, this sequel has added a few new options here.

Tom Clancy The Division 2 weapon mods USC 45 ACP

D2 offers a host of weapons and items with rarity and upgradability - stuff you expect from a shooter-looter. Incremental equipment upgrade of course gives you something to look out for as you play through the many main and side missions, but the differences between gear feel very marginal.

Tom Clancy The Division 2 map

As always, DC is a pretty good choice for a post-apocalyptic war zone. Much like Fallout 3 before it, D2's environments are unique an iconic. And unlike retro-future Fallout, everything here more less the same as it was on my eight grade class trip.


Risk of Rain 2 Gilded Coast arches beacons halcyon seed

The lolbaters crew is still doing a mix of PUBG and RoR2.

Risk of Rain 2 Engineer turrets high ground charging portal Beetle Queen

I do have a sweet gameplay tip: on most bosses it's advantageous to get the high ground. Wandering Vagrants seem to have trouble shooting upward, Stone Titan lasers are easier to avoid, and the Beetle Queen can't hit you with quite as many beetles.