Garage work [s]

I spent the week prepping the garage for the annual Super Bowl party. The walls are now dark green as planned, with some brick red. The ceiling is still white so it's by no means cave-like, but the green adds flavor.

Spoken [s]

So there's the front turbo. And I put the HID assembly on the Duc (thanks to Connie). The bulb replacement was exact, the ballast was easily tucked in front of the gauge cluster. It's whiter, brighter, and uses something like 35W versus 55W. So a HID headlight + LEDs everywhere else = ten times the spark and more boooooooost. But anyway, I'm a fan of the HIDs, the vr4 will be next. Maybe even rearrange the electrical so I run four low-beams from the headlights and a high-beam from the f...