Review | 2007.04.04

Lessons learned, lessons learned. One hitch fouled the shoot.

[-] I had no flashperson so I took the camera in one hand, the flash in the other, and paddled out on a boogie board. It wasn't a big day, but it wasn't a small day.

[-] A few waves in, I was pummeled such that something knocked the flash housing clasp. Water seeped in. The SB-800 still powers up, but I'm cleaning her off and holding my breath before I decide I do or don't need a replacement.

[-] The water was a bit cold. Not frigid, but cold enough to scare off most of the talent.
[+] The LEDs worked well - much better than the glowsticks for focusing (this can't be seen in any shots, but I got some great LED focus while the flash was malfunctioning).

[+] The camera and housing held up well. All of these shots were taken without the benefit of the SB-800. Nowhere near enough light, but not bad for a point and shoot flash.
[+] Scripps was a good choice, I could stand most places, it was waist-shoulder, consistent, and and some corners.


The pics that did turn out are pretty cool. I think that the little click lights taped to our arms worked pretty well. They made spotting people a lot easier. I'm definitely up for it again when the water gets a bit warmer :)

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