Review | 2007.04.04

Lessons learned, lessons learned. One hitch fouled the shoot.

[-] I had no flashperson so I took the camera in one hand, the flash in the other, and paddled out on a boogie board. It wasn't a big day, but it wasn't a small day.

[-] A few waves in, I was pummeled such that something knocked the flash housing clasp. Water seeped in. The SB-800 still powers up, but I'm cleaning her off and holding my breath before I decide I do or don't need a replacement.

[-] The water was a bit cold. Not frigid, but cold enough to scare off most of the talent.
[+] The LEDs worked well - much better than the glowsticks for focusing (this can't be seen in any shots, but I got some great LED focus while the flash was malfunctioning).

[+] The camera and housing held up well. All of these shots were taken without the benefit of the SB-800. Nowhere near enough light, but not bad for a point and shoot flash.
[+] Scripps was a good choice, I could stand most places, it was waist-shoulder, consistent, and and some corners.


The pics that did turn out are pretty cool. I think that the little click lights taped to our arms worked pretty well. They made spotting people a lot easier. I'm definitely up for it again when the water gets a bit warmer :)

Google password lets me post? thank god... last thing i need is another internet identity between visa platinum, yahoo mail and my profile...



The swell's a'comin'. Erik, Matt, and I went out to Fletcher's for some surf n' shoot. Then got pho with the White Lambda who stumbled into my large, empty house.

Saturday headache

Windy day, bright sun in the wrong spot. But if you have access to a nice lens, why not?

Nightsurfing, part six

The last night session left me in need of a Ikelite-Ikelite sync cord with which I could trigger an off-camera SB800 using the Ikelite flash. My cord eventually came in and everything hooked up as it should.