Review | 2017.05.30

Dying Light courtyard blood pool

The newest game J and I are playing is Dying Light: The Following. AKA parkour simulator. AKA lockpicking simulator.

Dying Light rooftop stadium screenshot

First off, it meets the multiplayer criterion swimmingly: the full campaign is playable co-op.

In contrast to the classic zombie shoot-em-up, most of the game is spent avoiding zombies by using sweet freerunning skills. You can, of course, always take them on, but it's just a hinderance. The better strategy is to run on the tops of cars or use your grappling hook to dart about rooftops. The parkour is kind of like Assassin's Creed, but not as simple as mashing square to do cool things, so it's pretty rewarding when you get it dialed in.

Dying Light weather cranes improvised weapon Broadcast

Melee weapon creation is a big part of the inventory experience. It boils down to finding materials to, say, add electrical damage to your machete. Guns and throwables do eventually come on the scene, but melee weapons are always the close quarters/silent option.

It's an open world game with a lovely cityscape and Fallout-quality building interiors.

Dying Light Rais punk mohawk mask

The plot makes it to video game bingo pretty quickly. Virus, government cover-up, tragic death of bright-eyed youth, tragic death of love interest, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal. There are some fun and quirky NPC interactions though.

Dying Light inventory Police Rifle Upgrades menu

There is inventory and item rarity, you level to gain new moves and buffs. It's enough to want to chase xp but it doesn't drown you in menus and micromanagement.

thumbnail Dying Light Pact with Rais thumbnail Dying Light Rais apartment complex fortress thumbnail Dying Light a survivors guide to zombieland
thumbnail Dying Light Rais threatening
thumbnail Dying Light x-ray vision thumbnail Dying Light improvised saw axe weapon thumbnail Dying Light museum gauntlet
thumbnail Dying Light Public Face bodies thumbnail Dying Light burning city thumbnail Dying Light skyscraper
thumbnail Dying Light decapitated head on crate thumbnail Dying Light highway thumbnail Dying Light lockpicking

I think we're near the end of the campaign, but we'll definitely be jumping on that dlc that apparently introduces vehicles.

Storypost | 2017.05.15


Padres Petco Park Qualcomm box panorama

Been a while since any of my teams have been to the box. It's been upgraded since the last time and, as bad as the Padres are, they rallied to win against Arizona.

Petco Park Qualcomm box Petco Park Qualcomm box Petco Park Qualcomm box game Wil Myers

Wedding photobooth instant camera Polaroid

I don't yet have the time or materials to do a big ol' effortpost on mine and Jes's wedding, but here are a few tidbits.

Alesmith brewery taster flight Decadence Wee Heavy

J took the brothers and I around to a few breweries the Thursday before. I hadn't yet seen the new Alesmith location.

Mt Soledad La Jolla rental house panorama

The parents rented a huge house on Mt. Soledad. I kind of wish I got to enjoy it more.

Surfboard vinyl application Wedding guest book surfboard Wedding guest book surfboard on mantle

The guest board was pretty fun to do. Wedding scheme paint + vinyls + clearcoat, then paint pens for everyone to write their messages.

Photobooth polaroids Photobooth polaroids Polarioids

The photobooth was a fun project that I probably didn't need to take on myself - which is to say I gathered materials and dumped it on Rob, who got the thing dialed in.

I considered digital, but the reliability of instant film made the most sense for something that I hoped wouldn't have to be babysat. The most popular format was Instax, but it seemed way too small to me. The classic Polaroid format is still available, but insanely expensive. I settled on Instax Wide with a pretty clever Lomography camera.

I thought to use continuous light umbrellas to supplement the flash, but Rob hypothesized and proved that it would result in motion blur. So he set the sb800 up to flash trigger into an umbrella.

Props were fun to shop for, I decided against a backdrop because I wanted the photobooth to shoot back at the dance floor - so that the photobooth was obviously at the event. Unfortunately, space dictated that it be in a separate room.