Infopost | 2024.05.06

Chart of blog posts and posts about SSG

Here's another installment of web 1.1:
Because text walls are no fun, I've sprinkled some discovered imagery throughout this post.

Lost track of the exact url, from Lost track of the exact url, from Lost track of the exact url, from IndexNow is an easy way for websites owners to instantly inform search engines about latest content changes on their website. In its simplest form, IndexNow is a simple ping so that search engines know that a URL and its content has been added, updated, or deleted, allowing search engines to quickly reflect this change in their search results.

I came across a reference to this lightweight indexing notification system supported by Bing and a few others. Coincidentally, Google has yet again moved much of my site from indexed to "discovered but not indexed". Lol.


A look at search engines with their own indexes - Seirdy

A cursory review of all the non-metasearch, indexing search engines I have been able to find.

I've seen the occasional alternative search engine post on HackerNews, they weren't impressive. The author of the above post has a living list of search engines, big and small. Right Dao, Infotiger, and Secret Search Engine were pretty good.

Lost track of the exact url, from Lost track of the exact url, from Lost track of the exact url, from Lost track of the exact url, from

Another random post that popped up from my indexer:

Why does everybody wear Adidas Sambas even if they do not nor have ever played soccer?

The internet isn't always about brainy stuff though. Sometimes it is amusing or personal, like Sambas.

And then there's the comments section:

> i always wondered this, being that i grew up playing soccer and well into
> college. hmm, the thing with these shoes is that yes they are comfortable,
> but the tongue on them is ridiculously large and the purpose is to fold over
> your knotted laces when playing so it doesn't disrupt the way you kick the
> ball. i used to wear the version with a shorter tongue to school when i was
> in 3rd grade, but that was mostly because i played kickball at recess.
> maybe this is just like when ppl who don't skate wear vans?

>> You seriously always wondered this? Are you mentally challenged or something?

>>> i mean, i didn't lose sleep over it..

And so I added a wander() function to my indexer

Wandering from keywords 'posse', 'indieweb', 'static site generator'.


The IndieWeb Mixed Bag | Brain Baking

Thoughts about the (d)evolution of blog interactions

2018/Baltimore/Building Blocks - IndieWeb


Sending your First Webmention from Scratch - Aaron Parecki


My Internet

not necessarily places you can find me, but places I frequently am


GPT-3 Can Write Disinformation Now-and Dupe Human Readers | WIRED

Georgetown researchers used the AI text generator to write misleading tweets about climate change and foreign affairs. People found the posts persuasive.

Wander mode starts with a set of keywords, chooses one matching node (webpage), and visits adjacent nodes. Here's another:

Wandering from keywords 'erangel', 'vikendi', 'sanhok', 'paramo'.


Here's Some Of The Best Multiplayer Maps Of All Time

Every game has some great levels. Here's some multiplayer maps that have well and truly stood the test of gaming time.


2023's Biggest Video Game Leaks, From Wolverine To GTA

This year the internet was simply gushing with gaming stuff youre not supposed to know


The 22 best Xbox One games - Polygon

The top Xbox One games spanning the platform history, including backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games. From Forza, Halo, PUBG, and more, here are the essential Xbox games to own. Last updated December 2019.


25 Best Zombie Games of All Time

Zombies have been a part of the video game landscape for decades - so long that they've carved out their own subgenre. Here are the best zombie games ever made.


Games of the Decade: 2018 - Tales of the Aggronaut

We are getting towards the end now, two more years to go in this decade worth of gaming. I am finding it as I get more into "recent" history I am having way more trouble narrowing things down to a handful of games. For 2017, 2018 and 2019 I wound up with massive lists, I ... Read more


Some more images from the index:

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Storypost | 2024.05.05

Remnant II 2 butchers quarter

I haven't played Helldivers 2 since we last spoke (not for lack of desire) but caught wind of this weekend's spicy controvery. I have gotten a few Remnant II and PUBG sessions in.

Hellidvers enemy factions terminids automatons bugs cyborgs illuminates bespoke meme

The original Helldivers had three enemy factions, two of which map directly to Helldivers II factions. Apparently the Illuminates were replaced with a meta-enemy, Sony. The TLDR:

TheSauce32TheSauce32 So HD 2 works fine was super popular and beloved new game with very reasonable monetization

Sony decided to cash in on the popularity to make it so everyone that plays the game has to use a PSN account To boost their numbers not just steam account

There are over 100 countries that can't create PSN accounts for a variety of reasons

Making playing the game impossible for the people in those 100+ countries even if they already bought the game

Steam started giving refunds and just now decided to delist the game for those 100+ countries affected

The community managers acted like assholes when this all started and treated its customers like dumb children too

I haven't seen such a big mess ever HD2 literally was the best release state I have seen in the last 10 years and now dumpster fire

One addition: the CEO of Arrowhead (developer) Tweeted that the PSN requirement was in the original plan but they temporarily removed it at launch amid numerous technical issues. Perhaps it was in the EULA. Perhaps it would be better if EULAs weren't ten miles long.

Helldivers 2 steam restricted countries Sony

I think I originally linked my PSN account to Steam so I could do crossplay. Crossplay worked, but adding a friend to crossplay with did not work. As of the latest patch notes I saw, this issue still isn't fixed despite everyone being forced onto PSN.

Unfortunately, unless I'm mistaken, Sony owns the IP.
While the DDR mechanics, the humor and writing are Arrowhead, they don't get to call the shots here.
Once again, big publisher showing utter asshatery.
If Arrowhead goes indy in the future, I will support them.
Arrowhead devs should all resign, and start a Patreon to make a new game, "Dellhivers 2"
Doomjumpers. For the glory of Supreme Earth!
I'm from Auenos Bieres and I say kill em all!
Somehow Auenos Bieres sounds even more spanish than the real thing

The player community has remained unified in praising the developer, panning the publisher, and tanking the game's Steam rating. It just keeps happening, though normally it's EA ruining SimCity or Mass Effect.

was it all a dream? a crazy bug killing, robot smashing dream?
It just proves beyond any reasonable doubt that gaming's biggest enemy are the executives themselves.

Edit: At least now my top comment of all time isn't about idiots squeezing birds too hard.

Editedit: FUCK.
MBAs ruin everything in this world

The spite for Sony's business-oriented decisions is extra funny having just watched the Fallout series, whose theme is "imagine a future run by managers".

I can't believe this, they've done it, they actually killed a GOTY in one week
I wish Overwatch community would be half as strong.
Blizzard fans have been eating shit so long they've developed an acquired taste

Blizzard fanboys get no respect. Even from the Arrowhead CEO:

Helldivers 2 Pilestedt tweet PSN
Remnant II

Remnant II 2 beatific palace Nimue

Me and J made it back to the Beatific Palace and were relieved to find that the Jester was not bugged (this abruptly halted our first playthrough). We've also traversed a portal-filled labyrinth and a handful of other neat worlds.

I think I mentioned before that the bosses are a mix of conventional and non-conventional. Here are short clips from a couple of them:

Remnant II 2 expanding glade alien world Remnant II 2 expanding glade tentacle Remnant II 2 imperial gardens mantagora Remnant II 2 corruptor
Remnant II 2 labyrinth Remnant II 2 labyrinth portal Remnant II 2 labyrinth portal endless fall
Remnant II 2 labyrinth portal key Remnant II 2 labyrinth cube boss Remnant II 2 labyrinth Clementine eyeball guy Remnant II 2
Remnant II 2 phantom wasteland tower Remnant II 2 Sha Hala Remnant II 2 sentinels keep shahala
Remnant II 2 beatific palace library Remnant II 2 beatific palace Jester Remnant II 2 beatific palace Jester quill portal Remnant II 2 great hall kitchen food

With Cattle's man-closet up and running, we've scraped a little bit of the PUBG rust off.