Preview | 2009.06.30

Tehran meeting World War II

The crown jewel of my fledgling game collection is on its way, the 50th anniversary Axis and Allies set. Changes include re-revised rules, a very large board, cruisers, and Italy. There are optional research objectives, victory conditions, and start dates. I am preparing my fragile psyche for the brutal, taxing engagements that are to come. Each clash will demand cunning, flexibility, cohesion, and no small amount of luck. And they will be glorious.

War room accoutrements will no doubt include comfortable seating, caffeine/spirits, and time lapse image capture. A level of tension and investment can be achieved by anything ranging from antes to a half assed period-specific dress code (thankfully nobody wore pointy helmets in that war). If there are any closet Pattons (or outed Pattons, or 'just experimenting' Pattons) in the readership let me know and I'll put you on the contact list, everyone else shall have their fate determined by powers they cannot fathom.

Connie reclaimed her compendium of Settlers editions for a game night that included Ryan, Debbie, and Curt. Despite two newbies diving head first into Cities and Knights, after four and a half hours we were all tied at a mere eight points. After the dice circled once more we called it with three co-victors. Axis doesn't look so arduous now.

In other news I'm considering taking the sawz all to the master bathroom. It's a project that needn't be hurried, and I'm toying with the prospect of just tiling in the shower first, and adding vanities and a tub later.

More 'omg puppies'...

Dog weimaraner puppy chew toy rope

Dog weimaraner puppy cute smelling grass paws

Storypost | 2009.06.22

Dog weimaraner puppy sleeping

It was a rough weekend so I don't have a gaggle of cute puppy photos. Since last week he's learned to actually pick up the stick (below) and has made it onto the couch more than once.

Shots are due Wednesday, but Friday night is a bit more realistic. After that I can take him out to interact with other dogs. He did well at Burger Lounge on Friday night, getting no shortage of attention.

He definitely has a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on, cycling between wanting to chomp everything to the most docile (and slightly oversized) lap dog.

Storypost | 2009.06.15

Dog weimaraner puppy child meeting

So the still-unnamed canine is resting peacefully. All it took was a mile run this morning, a visit from some Del Martians and Canadians (all photos by Connie), a mile+ walk this afternoon, and lots of trips up and down the stairs. Needless to say, it may be awhile before I find myself at the bottom of a bag of pork rinds watching Home Shopping Network as the sun comes up. Those were good Tuesday/Thursdays.

Of course, it's great to have a bright-eyed, clumsy rodent stumbling around the house all day. It'll be a relief when he requires a little less maintenance and he'll probably the the ideal running buddy.

Day 1: There were some whimpers as we drove away from his mom, but the pup just cuddled up to Jessica and was content. We kept him entertained all day in an effort to reduce the transition anxiety. He adapted well to the new home, though he would cry when left alone.

We coaxed him to sleep, and it wasn't until 02:30 that we heard anything. Neighborliness compelled me to bring him inside, but still crated. There were a couple more howling sessions, but such things are unavoidable.

Day 2: I had a go at leash training, he had to be dragged/scruffed from the door to the sidewalk and then realized it was much easier to walk. He was a big fan of his first walk, and liked running with Connie and Ryan even more. I didn't hear a peep until sunrise.

Storypost | 2009.06.13

Dog weimaraner puppy lap cute

Dog weimaraner puppy nose

Dog weimaraner puppy biting weed

Dog weimaraner puppy sleeping

Preview | 2009.06.09

Santas Little Helper edit Weimaraner

The occupancy at my house will soon triple, but this weekend it might double (in which case next weekend it would only double). Now I can handle the simple stuff like installing a dog door and removing poisonous shrubbery, but I'm fairly perplexed on how to go about naming the pup. There are so many approaches so I thought I'd cover a few name schemes and what would be the resultant dog name.
We'll see how it goes. In other news The Heidi Report is gracing us all with her presence this weekend. Since there will be all kinds of people and events, I thought I'd dust off the old appearance probability algorithm. Or algorithms, we couldn't really decide on an accurate model, but such is the case when you ask the same question of a neurologist, an EE, and a software guy (walk into a bar...).

For extra credit, find out the P(W|C), since he did not supply us with the probability. You'll also need to know that P(C) = 0.5 and P(W) = 0.3.
P(W|C) = 0.3 KO
What did CS come up with? Since she is EE, she may have applied Maxwell's equations to solve this dinner conundrum. This is some ill J-Pod humor.
I got 0.42, P(C|W) * P(W) / P(C) = 0.7 * 0.3 / 0.5 = 0.42
Yeah CS, let's see the Bode plot of the W/Chris transfer function. Connie
My attempt at pseudo-fuzzy interfacing...

CS continues...

Mamdani-type or sugeno-type of fuzzy logic operands shall we use? I don't think the output function is linear or constant, so that foregoes sugeno.
If prob(C) = 0.5 ; prob(W) = 0.3, then P(W|C) can be calculated by fuzzy logic's probabilistic OR.

a.input(1).range=[0 10];
a.input(1).mf(1).params=[1.5 0];
a.input(1).mf(2).params=[1.5 5];
a.input(1).mf(3).params=[1.5 10];
a.input(2).range=[0 10];
a.input(2).mf(1).params=[-2 0 1 3];
a.input(2).mf(2).params=[7 9 10 12];
a.output(1).range=[0 30];
a.output(1).mf(1).params=[0 5 10];
a.output(1).mf(2).params=[10 15 20];
a.output(1).mf(3).params=[20 25 30];
a.rule(1).antecedent=[1 1];
a.rule(2).antecedent=[2 0];
a.rule(3).antecedent=[3 2];

Boil down to... fuzzy probabilities of probor(C,W) = C+W-CW.

But what.. what is C and W membership function?

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Storypost | 2009.06.02

So my favorite protagonist in this tale of life is now be-ringed. The few days prior were very high quality, beginning with some time in the Commonwealth (?) of Virginia. J hosted Dave, Heidi, and I, we toured the closed Smithsonians, ate Burmese food, and discussed applications of the zone system to street photography.

Shooting range Shooting range DJ

Out in Philly, Team SoCo reunited and the groom's half spent some time at the local range. Of course the ceremony itself was well done and, most importantly, the reception appetizers did not disappoint.

Back in SD, I'm doing some touch up on the house to prepare for the roomie move in. The sub-heater vent had to be shrunk to fit an available grill size, this simply entailed adding a 2x4 to the gap, putting up a small piece of drywall, then patching/texturing/painting to complete the cover up. I applied a similar procedure to cover the holes in the ceiling that were required to install the bathroom fans.

And it appears Ted has now slipped into the steaming cauldron of property investment. In other news Jon is sad, but at least sleeping on large pile of favors.