Storypost | 2007.05.29

Photo credit: Laura.

The lovely couple hosted an engagement party. Excellent food, excellent company. Lots of people doing their best to look goofy for the camera (on account of the copious giggle-water).

Potato and The General caused some shenanigans, and the out-of-context quote of the weekend goes to Bret: 'Courtney, are you going to take this bear back?'

Storypost | 2007.05.22

Motorcycle night sparks hooliganry kneedragging

I wanted to submit something unique and challenging to the fair photo competition. Motorcycles at night is a good start.

A couple of stills from the videos.

The size and frame rate compression doesn't do much for the videos. Just imagine full res and smooth framerate.


Review | 2007.05.21

Another nasty, windy day. Nothin' doin'.


Quit your whining. It is always about "you" isn't it. You are next in line for a cry towel.

i almost drowned.

I dunno man. MR has it right.

Infopost | 2007.05.17


yah!!! how fun. thanks CR for posting. I like the last video with all 'em fishy swarming around the peas. next attempt will have to try spray cheese in a can. i hear they love that stuff.

Infopost | 2007.05.13



I dropped my popstickle in your car.

yah! now you have no excuse about not coming out to play.


I have to admit, she was very sticky. Nice photo...

Way to go Super Nintendo Chalmers.

Infopost | 2007.05.10

Rotors are here, the Cel can finally go back together. Side by side...

Old: Raybestos STS rotors.
New: Nopi silver cadmium-plated rotors.

Old: Raybestos STS pads.
New: Brembos.

Old: Modern Sniper 15's.
New: Motegi DV5 17's.

Old: Toyo touring tires.
New: Kumho Ecstas.

Infopost | 2007.05.10

I still hear 'my laptop dies after five minutes' quite often, but even more I'm getting 'my computer is slow'.

My computer is slow. Nah. Computers don't get slow. That's the beauty of electronics. They don't wear out. And they only die because of failed mechanical components (fans, hard drives).

Well then why does it take five minutes for Word to start up? Simply? Because Windows has become bloated and slow.

Der! That's what I meant by 'my computer is slow'. Yeah but it costs you $800 to replace your computer, it costs you $0 to replace Windows. That sleeve of ten discs that came with your computer is pure gold.

What, like replace XP with Vista? Oh hell no. There's a huge difference between Windows on those discs and Windows on your computer. Windows on those discs is pure as snow, Windows on your computer has for several years managed your documents, photos, spyware, music, internet settings, installed applications, etc.

Okay so I want to replace the dirty old Windows on my computer with the pure Windows on the discs. How? Or just ask someone.

But technology changes so fast, isn't my computer out of date anyway? Maybe five years after it was built. No sooner. Think of how fast everything was when you just bought the computer. Well the computer is still the same, the copy of Windows on the cd is still the same, the only thing different is that ugly copy of Windows on your computer.

Okay so the cd copy of Windows hasn't changed in two years, but what about Winamp, Excel, and Firefox? They'd lose a lot of customers if their applications required cutting edge technology.

How often do I have to do this reinstall thing? Less often than you have to change your oil. There are many factors that accellerate or inhibit Windows' demise:
Why would Microsoft do this? Doesn't it hurt their business? Explanation 1: Their programmers just aren't very good.
Explanation 2: It's a great business model. Joe Consumer's 'computer gets slow' so he buys a new one. Clearly he is not faulting Microsoft because he's going to Dell or IBM for the replacement. And with that replacement comes another copy of Windows. Cha-ching.

Is it bad that I didn't know this? Nope. I know quite a few programmers and computer science professors who buy new computers on a regular basis for this very reason. I dread the day I have to ask IT at my company for a reinstall disc.


Little Thingies

How i keep my PC running clean:

i'll agree with you that overall, re-installs are necessary for computer maintenance. A once a year is prolly on a good maintenance schedule, and this topic once again reminds me that I must keep my back-ups up-to-date. I am simply resistant to re-install. Not now. not when i have the computer setup to exactly how i like it.


Reinstalling is a brute-force way to solve a specific issue. You can be more delicate about your problem. But the simple fact is that with Windows reinstalls are necessary computer maintenance.

so, if my computer did not come with windows and i have no disks and my computer science roomate installed XP for me back then, what do i do when it is slow now? is it worth buying a real copy of windows for the disks?

You're not going to re-install windows and all your programs every time there is *something* happening to your computer performance. Re-install is a last ditch effort to fix something when all other methods are exhausted. If you can fix a problem with a defrag or a virus remover, etc., then of course, that would be the easier method than spending the next week re-installing all the programs, custom settings, and data back onto your computer. I'd prefer to find out the actual cause of the problem first and see if there is a fix before wiping everything out and starting from a new slate. The problem may occur again if one does not determine what caused it.

Hey CS did this blog entry BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Infopost | 2007.05.07

17" Motegis.


Dang. You need to get new bucket seats and those metal foot pedals.

Storypost | 2007.05.06

What do you buy for the spoiled little brother who gets everything? Road rash, of course. So I put together a dirt biking excursion to Corral Canyon. We rented a CRF230, TRX250, and XR400 from Califorina Motorsport. They were pretty good to rent from.

The timing and location was great:

The atv turned out to be the most popular, indeed it drifted like a champ. It did, however, have a propensity for rolling as Connie and Ray discovered. The 230 enjoyed almost as much demand and claimed the epidermi of Ty and Ted. The 400 was only mounted by bold and bucked Erik as, mid-jump, he received a fateful call from Matthew (see video).

And I think a record was set for the longest string of coherent 'that's what she said's when we loaded the vehicles back on the trailer.


you should linke the photos to the

Review | 2007.05.06

And I thought studio photography was tricky. Pretty much everything has to be in perfect concert for these night shots to work out. This time I had the right equipment and personnel. But alas 20kt winds kicked up and destroyed the early evening surf. We postponed a few hours and though it was better, the break was still trashy.

The water was warm and the lighting setup made focusing easy. But there just weren't any good opportunities to snag good shots. The only other slight complication was not adequately communicating to the flasher which side the slave sensor was on - but that was moot.

It's pretty clear from the shots: plenty of light and no focus issues. But nothing more than ugly whitewater.

It was however strange to get back from a surf session at 1 am.

Infopost | 2007.05.02

The drive shafts came out with the aid of a prying bar.

It looked like someone had dooked in my cv joints, but I'm pretty sure that's not actually the case.

I picked up a couple reman shafts from Kragen. They looked to match up perfectly save four a couple missing dust shields. The investigation continues.

And while the spindles are out, why not replace the bearings? Well there are a couple reasons but I decided to anyway.
They require a few special tools and a lot of hassle so I defaulted to outsourcing. Firestone nearby wouldn't do 'em without the rest of the car, which would present a logistical difficulty. Pepboys all the way down in Clairemont replaced them for $35/side.

Now I'm waiting on rims and tires, pads and rotors.

This adventure brought to you by the letter E and the number 10.


i am impressed. i, on the other hand, fucked around with my clutch cable today. while i didn t make the symptoms better, i am proud that i didn t make them worse.

Looks like the CV joint has been eating SANCHEZ.

looks like a lot of work. looks messy. wanna fix my car when you're done?