Infopost | 2007.05.02

The drive shafts came out with the aid of a prying bar.

It looked like someone had dooked in my cv joints, but I'm pretty sure that's not actually the case.

I picked up a couple reman shafts from Kragen. They looked to match up perfectly save four a couple missing dust shields. The investigation continues.

And while the spindles are out, why not replace the bearings? Well there are a couple reasons but I decided to anyway.
They require a few special tools and a lot of hassle so I defaulted to outsourcing. Firestone nearby wouldn't do 'em without the rest of the car, which would present a logistical difficulty. Pepboys all the way down in Clairemont replaced them for $35/side.

Now I'm waiting on rims and tires, pads and rotors.

This adventure brought to you by the letter E and the number 10.


looks like a lot of work. looks messy. wanna fix my car when you're done?

Looks like the CV joint has been eating SANCHEZ.


i am impressed. i, on the other hand, fucked around with my clutch cable today. while i didn t make the symptoms better, i am proud that i didn t make them worse.

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