Storypost | 2007.04.25

Looks like I'm not spending my tax return on you after all. Investigating a slow leak in my diminished tires led me to serendipitously discover one of my cv boots had finally split. I guess it had to happen, and I might as well take care of a few other things while I'm down there.

I can finally get some awesome tires to match the suspension. New wheel bearings might be a worthwhile investment. Re-re-re-replace the rotors and never utter the name Raybestos again. Maybe some steel brake lines. Suspension techniques sway bars? Chrome-plated exhaust manifold heat shield? We shall see, there's a spreadsheet in the works - so you know I mean business.

Split cv boot, side.

Can you see the joint?


yup. i can see the joint. sooo that's what a cv boot looks like! good thing you caught that before it broke while driving. that would suck.


Ya - watching Borat would definitely be more fun....

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