Storypost | 2012.08.19

Pinata party decapitated horse backyard

The Tonks hosted a taco party last night. The eats were good, the company was good.

Party tacos Party pinata horse chair Pinata horsehead bed Party conversation

Work has stagnated progress on the master bath for a week, but Saturday I put in a few hours.

Vanity moisture barrier bathroom Vanity moisture shower vanity moisture barrier backer board Shower backer board tiling shelves

The moisture barrier has been applied to the bathroom. Edges to come.

Homebrew hops Bottlecraft funnel really old honey Scripps Dr Benson

Since the last hoppy brew wasn't very high in IBUs, I went even greener for the lastest endeavor.
About a third of this was used for finishing. I have a few ounces of Nugget, Cascade, and Simcoe for dry hopping.

Oh and a jar of Dr. Benson's c. 1980 eastern bloc honey, labeled 'Dark'. For real. Ty hooked it up.

1.062% on first rack.

I deactivated my fb account since the 20th is mandatory timeline day. Involuntary changes are dumb. Plus going public and having your revenue stream be exposed as bogus just can't do good things for an already tarnished reputation of user consideration.

The deactivation process was kind of funny.

Disable delete Facebook pathetic manipulation attempt

Crap, I didn't realize this would prevent my friends from keeping in touch with me. Oh well. I know pretty much all those people will miss me - says so right there. Sorry Rob, we had a good run. Maybe if you were smiling like all the other people I might let you keep in touch with me.

Okay Facebook, you failed to get me with guilt or panic, how else can you try to keep me around?

Disable delete Facebook impossible captchas

Oh yeah. I think I saw something on Reddit about indecipherable captchas. After over a dozen refreshes and a few failures I got it right.

Iron Maiden Irvine 2012 stage

Annnd last Friday Derrick, Jeff, and I saw Iron Maiden. Coheed opened. It was very good.

Storypost | 2012.08.08

I mostly finished the vaulting:
The box around the ventilation pipe remains unfinished as I haven't yet turned it into a light fixture.

thumbnail Attic ladder thumbnail Bathroom vaulted ceiling fan ducting thumbnail Bathroom retrofit fiberglass linoleum tiling copper green thumbnail Bathroom retrofit fiberglass fiberglass backer board drain
thumbnail Bathroom retrofit fiberglass linoleum tiling

The subfloor around the drain had some water damage so I spent a couple afternoons scraping away the rotted layers of wood. Most of the floor, however, did retain its tar from the original hot mop. To reinforce/smooth/protect the wood, I applied fiberglass and pool epoxy.

Next steps will be laying down the Schluter moisture barrier and leak testing everything. Then floor tile. All the while I'll be looking into lighting and acrylic for the window.

San Francisco Giants baseball box stadium view

Zac and Erin are getting married.

Giants stadium box Giants stadium box toast Giants stadium box jumbotron engagement announcement Giants stadium box group photo