Storypost | 2010.03.21

Moen valve control bodyspray shower head

The master bathroom fixtures: Moen mixer and three way diverter valve, Moen shower head, Kohler body sprays. The valves are pull-on push-off so you don't have to fiddle with the temperature. I went with flush mount body sprays.

Materials for plumbing teflon tape wrench copper torch

Pops taught me how to sweat pipe this weekend. Left to right: flux, solder, pipe abrasives, sparker, tape, propane.

Sweating copper pipe

Plumbing shower

The piping is installed, supported, and pressure tested.

Succulent plant sticks fire cactus

The potted items on the deck now have drippers controlled by a single valve.

Weimaraner running grass

I still need to buy a lawnmower, but the grass and vines are growing plenty.

Sweet coincidence of Port au Prince!


You should see the mechanism I've developed that allows me to watch tv without actually having to move to the media room!

You put your potted plants on drip???? Are you really that lazy? How hard is it to carry a glass of water out to the deck and water them once a week? It's a rather therapeutic experience

Review | 2010.03.10

Wheels Enkei PF01 Mitsubishi 3000GT

My wheels came a scant three days after order, in fact three of them arrived on Tuesday. They look good, I might have gotten a darker hue were it an option, but they do their job and show plenty of rotor. The 18s with new rubber ride wayyy smoother than the worn 19s, I'll see how they handle load after break in.

Enkei PF01 Mitsubishi 3000GT


They the front calipers just fine without spacers - Tire Rack has never steered me wrong on fitment.


I see you have a 3000GT. I have a 99 GT0 Japanese import here in Australia. I was planning exactly the same wheels ie Enkei PF01. I was worrying about whether they would clear the front calipers.


As long as they hold air it's an improvement


Yup, I'll prolly see you ze autobahning your way to day care.

Will you be Tokyo drifting your way to work ...

Storypost | 2010.03.07

Chilies and rosemary and stuff - plants that are used as seasonings so we don't have to grow a whole bunch to have useful quantities. Since I feel that organic foods are pretentious, I'm going to spray them with DDT every week or so.

The front yard is getting some love. The papyrus is doing well and Jes added some sort of flower. The grass is still flourishing, but now I need a damn lawnmower.

Deck redwood stain rain

The deck's been cleared off for another coat of stain and then some heavy sealant. I'm not messing around with that thin deck sealant this time.
Also in store for the backyard is replacing all the pvc drain grates (most broken) with metal ones. They're actually cheapest at Home Depot.

Enkei PF01 display

I finally settled on wheels and tires for the vr4. Enkei pf01's with Sumi HTR Z IIIs from Tirerack. There aren't a lot of options for the Mitsu (see tiny caliper on Z above) but I like them and it's time. I stopped by Discount yesterday to see if their store selection differed from their site. Barely.
So the pfs have an extra half inch of width, are forged, and add about fifty pounds of lightness.

Now, as with surfboards, I'm set until I move up to carbon fiber (espp-dependent).

Along with replacement fridge water filters and a subscription to Roadracing World & Motorcycle, Amazon is sending me Endless Ocean 2.

Xbox parody achievement nitrogen narcosis


My red stick succulent turned glowing green. Not enough sunlight made the red go away.