Storypost | 2014.09.16

Dogs trail canyon sunset weimaraner

I had Lol-dog for a week. One of the days there was a 'micro-burst' of heavy rainfall followed by some nice lighting. So when I took the dogs out to the trail I toted the Nikon.

Dogs running weimaraner trail canyon

Of course they still play like puppies.

thumbnail Dogs weimaraner mutt trail thumbnail Dogs weimaraner mutt trail thumbnail Dogs weimaraner mutt trail thumbnail Dogs weimaraner mutt trail
thumbnail Dogs weimaraner mutt trail thumbnail Dogs weimaraner mutt trail running

Interestingly, over the course of the walk, the aqueduct went from this:

Dogs walking canyon aqueduct graffiti overpass rain

to this:

Dogs trail canyon aqueduct flash flood weimaraner

Review | 2014.09.09

Sony Playstation 4 unboxing Destiny dog weimaraner

I finally stepped into the new gen of consoles with Destiny for ps4. No xbone for me. Microsoft angered me far too much with crappy hardware and paid-for internet on 360 followed by the kinect snafu, subsequent lies, and a too-high price point. I'm no Sony fanboy, but a few leaked credit card numbers and prosecuting people who put Linux on their consoles started to pale in comparison to Redmond's transgressions. Sadly, Sony began charging for internet play with ps4, but at least they try to add value with free downloadables.

Why not go PC? A Steambox may be in my future, but I'm okay with the purchase.

Destiny game videogame sitting view

So onto Bungie's highly-anticipated non-Halo title. Whatever it was - years in development, $500 million, independence from Microsoft game studios - all the planets have aligned.
The buzz

Destiny speeder bike moon

The critical response to Destiny has been all over the place. 60 on Gamespot, 78 on IGN, 100 on Official Playstation Magazi... oh right. The interwebs, on the other hand, have been lit up by haters and apologists. Since I'm not one to ramble, I'll just summarize in bullet form:
This video sums it up pretty well.
A few more tidbits

Destiny screenshot rocket game playstation

It's very pretty. Though not shown here, the light source effects are a noticeable step up from the older generation.

Destiny screenshot video game

Raids are fun, even if there aren't many of them. And the rewards are meh.

Destiny player name mykidsloveanul wtf

So you can only do voicecomms with your fireteam (friends), but that doesn't stop people from exhibiting the classiness that keeps you coming back to connected console gaming.

thumbnail Destiny clash pvp screen thumbnail Destiny chair dance thumbnail Destiny speeder bikes BiiiZt- thumbnail Destiny sniper scope thumbnail Destiny speeder bike cosmetic
thumbnail Destiny mission end dance thumbnail Destiny squad thumbnail Destiny dropship

Destiny video game guardian down revive

Apparently Bungie wants Destiny to be the next WoW. The two major events so far have been pretty uninspiring - a series of bounties and a minor tweak on PvP. There are only a couple maxed out gear combos. And leveling is tedious and yields little reward. While basic PvP sustained Halo, Destiny has the newest CoD and MW installments to contend with. DLC might be Destiny's saving grace, but they'll have to think carefully about how to price it.