Storypost | 2014.08.03

Surfing nightsurfing glow stick stealth mission

The last night session left me in need of a Ikelite-Ikelite sync cord with which I could trigger an off-camera SB800 using the Ikelite flash. My cord eventually came in and everything hooked up as it should.

Surfing nightsurfing glow stick stealth mission sitting

I managed to wrangle another three subjects - Erik, Nathan, and Ryan. Unfortunately, without Jon I had no slave flash assistant. With no other options, the surfers switched off holding the flash. This, of course, mean fewer rides between them and a lack of continuity in equipment use.

Surfing nightsurfing glow stick paddle out

Being the nightsurf veteran, Erik picked up some glowsticks and bravely packing taped them to his board and butt. The new camera setup didn't make them any better for focus - the led necklaces are still king - but they had some nice effects when not blown out by flash on whitewater.

Surfing nightsurfing glow stick break

There was pretty much no moon, so waves were especially difficult to anticipate, meaning scarce quality rides. Nathan scored a great ride early in the session but I missed the shot (backfocus I think).

Surfing nightsurfing glow stick ride whitewater

Focus is still an issue, but each session I am getting better. I'm wondering if I can rig an some sort of IR flashlight to the housing to further assist.

Surfing nightsurfing glow stick backlit wave

The flash combination showed great potential. The speedlight can really light up a wave, even from the back. I'm eager to get out there with a full time flasher. Volunteers?

Night surfing stealth mission glowsticks Night surfing stealth mission glowsticks Night surfing stealth mission glowsticks Night surfing stealth mission glowsticks

Pinata hanging

And the week before was the annual taco party. So good food and good fun.

Tasty dessert

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