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The last nightsurfing photo session was lots of fun and yielded some great, unique shots. The lessons learned were:
I'm stoked about the next session where all of these issues can be resolved. First, the remote flash will be the SB-800. I've ordered a waterproof hard case for it. This will allow and more power, quicker recharge, multi-flash, and - most importantly - slave capability. The flasher will also have a small flashlight for illuminating the subject to aid in aiming and focusing.

Surf surfing nightsurfing stealth mission flash in water

And since the ad hoc ziploc housing worked so well for my cheapo flash, why not let the flasher roll John Woo style?

We'll have Connie on shore with her sweet 300mm tele. We've already tested its ability to trigger the slave flash from a distance. She'll have the option of triggering the slave at the beginning or end of an exposure from on-camera, and/or anytime during the exposure using a handheld flash. Finally, she'll be able to choose between a still shot and panning.

I've picked up a ten megapixel point and shoot with a hard underwater housing. This will take the N80's place as it is digital, has a usable flash, and is much easier to manage in the water.

Maybe Rob will even come down with a D200 and bell housing. Hah! Not bloody likely.

We'll go out near a full moon (April 2) and the subjects will be given headlamps. This will aid their vision and provide the cameras a clear signal for focus.
Potential hazards are:
Surf surfing nightsurfing stealth mission flash in water


Love the nightsurfing and spreadsheet whoring.


And who, may I ask, has the audacity to anagram my legend?

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