Metapost | 2019.04.02

Vaporwave Outrun Kilroy was here

I'm Chris. By day I do software and software security. This site, Kilroy, is mostly about other interests: photography, board games, video games, investing, technology, travel, and a variety of projects.

Getting around

There's a navigation bar on the right with hot/top content, effort-heavy features, and the monthly archive. '[a]' is shorthand for posts, '[+]' is shorthand for photo since it kind of looks like an ascii viewfinder.

There is an index of tags here, an index of video games here, and an index of posts here.

Tech stack

I wrote and evolved my own static site generator over the course of many years, this is largely discussed in meta posts. Check out the Indieweb and blogging tags for discussions of other technologies and practices.

Content reuse and contacting

If you want to embed a photo or screencap or text snippet, go right ahead. Note that some stuff is sourced and not original content. I welcome attribution, just don't claim ownership or resell anything from this site.

Due to storage limitations, all the images here are scaled down and/or compressed but I have the full-res originals where applicable. I got my gmail account in 2004, so it's the one you'd expect me to have based on the url above.

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Recap 2022

Top content from the year.

Feature request

I just want to link other people's blogs.


Finally draft one of the Europe post set is complete. Two problems though: