Metapost | 2019.04.02

Q: Do you use cringe clipart ironically?


Q: What is this place?

A: A blog/journal/whatever. The content is predominantly photography, video games, travel, how-to stuff, and coding.

Q: How is your site organized?

A: See the nav bar on the right. '[a]' is shorthand for posts, '[+]' is shorthand for photo since it kind of looks like an ascii viewfinder.

'Features' has some effortposts with universal appeal.
There are montly posts shown on the right, a list of all posts titles/tags can be found here.
Tags can be found on each post or from the linked index.
Games lists all of the video games in the post content.

Q: Do you have a post about _______?

A: Probably not, but you can check the tags or use the embedded DuckDuckGo search. DDG isn't great at indexing, so you might get more success with a Google search like " motorcycles".

Q: Is this like those other blogs? Auto-generated nonsense and Amazon affiliate links?

A: This is well and truly the indieweb. No ads, no affiliate links (though for a time Amazon was good so I'd link DIY-related things but without any affiliate information). I don't believe in Javascript.

The down side is it's kind of a crap shoot if things are interesting to you. See previous answer.

Q: Why?

A: Good question. The TLDR is 30% momentum, 60% helpful/fun to look back on things (what color paint did I use for the living room???), 10% helpful to people with the same TensorFlow or boss battle question that I had.

Q: What is your tech stack?

A: I said this was the indieweb right? It started in the WYSIWYG world of Blogger, moved to a hastily-assembled set of Perl scripts when Blogger forced everyone to their domain, and is now a substantial Java project with integration into my Github code.
Check out the t/kilroy tag for the full story.

Q: Can I use your content?

A: If you want to embed a photo or screencap or text snippet, go right ahead. Note that some stuff is sourced and not original content. I welcome attribution, just don't claim ownership or resell anything from this site.

Due to storage limitations, all the images here are scaled down and/or compressed. If I have a awesome photo of you dumping buckets at Black's or you really like that Horizon screencap, don't hesitate to reach out. I got my gmail account in 2004, so it's the one you'd expect me to have based on the url above.

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