Storypost | 2015.11.16

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 power armor settlement

At long last we can crawl the postapocalyptic wasteland again, Fallout 4 is here. I haven't played all that much of it, and it's taken awhile to settle back into the gameplay style.

I'm sort of just button mashing my way through the adventuring, here is a taste:

(Nothing special, just initial gameplay action.)

Fallout 4 screenshot Back Alley Bowling

The game looks great, with a few caveats:
Fallout 4 vats feral ghoul roamer Dogmeat

Like Fallout 3, the combat system is extremely unforgiving at lower levels. I expect things will get easier as I level and put less skill points into lockpicking and crafting.

Fallout 4 screenshot diner

The signature Fallout retrofuturistic style and alternate timeline really flourish in the new installment. Polygons and lighting go a long way.

thumbnail Fallout 4 Deezer robot thumbnail Fallout 4 cinematic monorail industrial plant thumbnail Fallout 4 cinematic war room map mushroom cloud thumbnail Fallout 4 cinematic mobile missile launchers in town
thumbnail Fallout 4 load screen Broadsider cannon

The other characteristic of the series is the dark humor of Vault-Tec instructionals.

Fallout 4 cinematic pip boy mutation three arms legs Fallout 4 cinematic pip boy bartering fork gun Fallout 4 vault boy prepare for the future billboard

Fallout comic ctrl alt del

The most discussed feature Fallout 4 is the construction/customization of ally camps throughout the wasteland. It feels a bit like the Mass Effect 3 war asset gathering that was supposed to help you in the final battle. I'm not sure how it will play out and am avoiding spoilers for the moment.

Fallout 4 screenshot settlement construction Fix Er Upper achievement

On the whole, though, this one plays much like Fallout 3 and quite a bit like Skyrim. It's great to have more of a good thing (and prettier), but considering the innovation that went into Fallout 3, the fourth is lacking.

Fallout 4 prologue nuclear explosion vault Fallout 4 pip boy Fallout 4 view freeways wasteland
Fallout 4 satellite dish ruins Fallout 4 cinematic Chinese soldier paratroopers invasion Alaska Fallout 4 night dog Fallout 4 combat explosion night
Fallout 4 conversation minutemen Fallout 4 house Codsworth conversation Fallout 4 cinematic mushroom cloud nuclear explosion
Fallout 4 load screen stingwing Fallout 4 power armor overpass abandoned Fallout 4 dog dogmeat Red Rocket Fallout 4 installation screen mushroom cloud

Turkey Bowl

The Thanksgiving(-ish) flag football game is fast becoming a tradition. Starting last year we decided to theme it like we were still in grade school and wear really lame Pilgrim/Indian costumes.

thumbnail Flag football Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl childhood throwback thumbnail Flag football Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl childhood throwback thumbnail Flag football Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl childhood throwback thumbnail Flag football Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl childhood throwback
thumbnail Flag football Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl childhood throwback

The home team won it, zone defense prevailed in a packed 7v7 matchup.
Some more Planetside caps

Planetside 2 Vanu Liberator Mao Southeast Gate air power Planetside 2 Vanu Genudine Holographics stealth Planetside 2 Vanu Liberator Old Shore Checkpoint M20 Drake Planetside 2 Vanu Liberator Howling Pass Checkpoint air attack
Planetside 2 Vanu Mao Tech Plant sunderers Planetside 2 Amerish Warpgate Jetrape scythe Planetside 2 Vanu ap mine hidden flowers
Planetside 2 Mao Tech Plant zerg Planetside 2 Vanu night attack Planetside 2 Vanu Grey Heron Shipping sunderer mounted gun Planetside 2 Hidden Ridge Mining sunderer centipede
Planetside 2 Vanu parked Liberator Hidden Ridge Mining Planetside 2 liberators parked at Hidden Ridge Mining Planetside 2 Mao Tech Plant tanks Vanu



My second chunk of progress in Fallout 4.


TES V: Skyrim has arrived. And two goofy dogs.

Rainy days

Flag football in the rain and mud.