Storypost | 2015.10.07

Planetside 2 Playstation 4 flying night mooon

The Galaxy S3 finally died after it took a tumble off of my soccer bag not long ago. I was way out of contract so it was a good time to evaluate the options:
Google Project Fi Nexus earbuds battery case

Yup. Went with Fi, been decent so far. The only notable exception was having H(SPA?) in rural Maine but no packet service.

Bar Harbor Maine cottage travel

A week after a lovely Encinitas beachside wedding, I hopped a flight up to Bar Harbor, Maine for more nuptials. Portland (ME) was great and the beach towns are pleasant, cottage-filled affairs. Acadia was lovely for jogging and the island has two breweries. I wouldn't say it's too much different from other parts of New England, other than being more remote.

Maine highway driving Maine Portland

Dog couch pillow

It'd be a shame to go all the way out to the east coast and not stop into DC for a sweet gaming session. Planetside was the game of the day, as you might guess from recent posting.

I also took J's college-era surfboard out there for Lil'J's big boy room. Flying to Maine and then Baltimore with a surfboard prompts all manner of random commentation.

Bullet Proof surf fins carbon fiber quad

The board transfer meant I had to procure new fins, since my only other FCS set were for a thruster. But it's all good, having a carbon board with plastic fins is tragic.

Sunday started with the Merseyside Derby at 05:30, then the League of Sport Frolf event at Morley Field. Early morning drizzle kept the crowds away, but it stayed dry the entire time we were out. 19 holes later Cooley and Chelsea tied Courtney and myself at 75, but they won on the tiebreak hole. Not sure about the Jamie/Brian v. Heather/c/Erik matchup. Afterwards we headed over to South Park Abbey for wings and football and crowds.

thumbnail Merseyside Derby Ross Barkley Marten Skrtel coyb thumbnail Frolf disc golf pyramid thumbnail Frolf disc golf drive thumbnail Frolf disc golf drive
thumbnail Frolf disc golf rough
Planetside at level 50

My instructional video on how to fly in PS2.

A rather unlikely thing happened when I bailed out of a doomed Liberator. Spoiler: those little glowing pads are elevators that turn fall damage off momentarily.

Planetside 2 Vanu ADS Tawrich Depot Planetside 2 Vanu max repairing Allatum Broadcast Hub Planetside 2 Vanu galaxy night vision Purplepants Planetside 2 Vanu infrared vision magrider turret Heyoka Tech Plant
Planetside 2 Vanu NS scope ads Mani Bio Lab Planetside 2 Vanu galaxy landing Hatcher Airstation Planetside 2 Vanu point defense Ghanan Tech Plant turret
Planetside 2 shiny sunderer Mekala Cart Mining Planetside 2 Vanu night sky scythe Tawrich Tech Plant Planetside 2 Vanu sunderer parking forest Wainwrite Armory Planetside 2 flying liberator Nasons Defiance
Planetside 2 ADS The Stronghold hit Planetside 2 Vanu view The Stronghold turret Planetside 2 sunderer parking spot view Hidden Ridge Mining
Planetside 2 airstrike Mao Southeast Gate Planetside 2 Vanu air battle from below Andvari South Bank Planetside 2 Vanu liberator invisibility cloak East Hills Checkpoint Planetside 2 Vanu air support Abandoned NS Offices
Planetside 2 Vanu night vision ads Planetside 2 Vanu sunderer warp gate Highroads Station Planetside 2 flying liberator turret night Mao Tech Plant
Planetside 2 Vanu galaxy landing Construction Site Epsilon Planetside 2 Vanu infrared magrider SuicideGrunt Planetside 2 Vanu Hidden Ridge Mining sunderer parking Planetside 2 Vanu zerg Ixtab Amp Station
Planetside 2 Vanu gate defense Mekala Auxiliary Compound Planetside 2 Vanu liberator afterburners Mao Southwest Gate night Planetside 2 Vanu Hidden Ridge Mining sunderer
Planetside 2 Vanu valkyrie landing Ixtab Amp Station Planetside 2 Vanu sunderer zerg night Galaxy Solar Plant Planetside 2 rooftop landing Crimson Bluff Tower Planetside 2 air support valkyrie turret Mao Tech Plant
Planetside 2 Vanu map Amerish Planetside 2 valkyries galaxy air support trees Mulac Pass Planetside 2 Vanu liberator turret Indar Northern Warpgate
Planetside 2 big tree Ixtab Southern Pass Planetside 2 Vanu Chac Tech Plant Planetside 2 Vanu view bridge Regent Rock Garrison Planetside 2 striped tank Halloween Chac Water Purification
Planetside 2 Indar Bay Point aircraft Planetside 2 Vanu flashlight shadow The Stronghold Planetside 2 Vanu bridge rally Geological Survey Camp
Planetside 2 Vanu galaxy landing in NC Arsenal pit Planetside 2 Vanu magrider turret Stillwater Watch
Planetside 2 sunderer turret IR view tunnel Kessels Crossing Planetside 2 Vanu magrider tank Red Ridge Communications sunset Planetside 2 Vanu view biolab Onatha Southwest Gate

A couple more vids that just show pretty sights and a little bit of action.

Flying around at night.

Some turret action at Eisa Tech Plant.

A rather inelegant linear battle.

Dogs patio bandana chau weimaraner


Forever war

My first few hours of Planetside 2 and some more Borderlands 2.

Bombing it

A first look at Fallout 4. Also the Turkey Bowl (flag football) and some Planetside 2 action.


Weather, Monster Hunter, thoughts on my Zero S, and The Last Jedi.