Storypost | 2015.05.09

Friday: B-day

Heroes of the Storm Anubis shrine

Friday was Jeff's 30th, for which we had a lan party. Save for three levels of Turtles in Time, we exclusively played the Heroes of the Storm beta. Breaks featured Round Table, pool time, and fireballs.

thumbnail Heroes of the Storm core battle Anubis thumbnail Heroes of the Storm Persea NotoriousGIP temple capture thumbnail LAN party Heroes of the Storm Sylvanas
thumbnail Heroes of the Storm charge
thumbnail Heroes of the Storm garden terror thumbnail Heroes of the Storm hero selection Nova
thumbnail Fireballs
Saturday: Scuba rental, work, McCarthy party

Anything but a mellow day. Brian and Jamie's barbecue was pretty awesome.
Sunday: Coronados dive

Scuba underwater photography fish

I joined Shane and Margaret on a dive trip to the Coronados Islands. I had heard good things. Unfortunatley, we picked a weekend with considerable wind and turbulent underwater conditions. The conditions left it just like any other San Diego spot.

I'm 0/2 on underwater flash. Last time my used Ikelite flash leaked. This time I used the Nikon speedlight/housing combination but it stopped working very quickly (no leaks). Ugh.

Scuba pony bottle Scuba dive fish being eaten Scuba dive dead fish
Scuba dive ankle tangled in kelp Scuba dive photo diver underwater Scuba dive photo fish school Scuba dive surface tank boat
Scuba dive photography Scuba dive low vis seal Scuba dive surface cliffs diver
Scuba dive yellow tailed fish Scuba dive macro plant floating in water
Scuba dive fish yellow tailed Scuba dive fish yellow tailed Scuba dive fish

Portrait dog

Oh and Nathan wanted a few frames with Whitney for a Mothers' Day gift.

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