Storypost | 2009.11.04

Halloween costume cat East County bro

Jessicat and your favorite east county bro spent Halloween was at Mesa. Everyone else's costumes were not G rated. Particularly Ty's.

Forza Motorsport 3

Forza 3 is in the xbox right now. It looks great and I'm a huge fan of the added tracks, particularly the sprint races in the Japanese mountains. Catalunya is a good one as well, though I wish someone would nuke Silverstone. I'm not one to demand trillions of cars, but the lineup seems a bit small, perhaps to promote online content sales.

It's a bit easier than the last game, though the suggested lines often leave me to wonder. It's a great installment nonetheless and solved some of the FM2 peeves such as 720p and that the prize car for each race series was really only useful in the series you just beat.

New tire motorcycle Ducati Supersport

I got my new Bridgestones from Cyclegear today. It's too bad BuyMoto closed cause pulling wheels off (to take to CG) sucks. The Battleax set lasted 8000 miles, front and rear. To contrast, the Qualifiers got me 5000 for each of the two rears I've owned, 7000 for the front.

The front wasn't too bad at the centerline and factory smooth on the edges, but everything between was out of tread. The rear was toast on the very centerline, but with some meat outside of that. Farther out it was pretty warn.
A little peculiar. Oh well, three-compound tire.


I first thought the

YO! What are you doing in my closet?


Two weeks

Forza 3 arrives in two weeks. Now that I have a fully adjustable driving seat (next love sac goes in the GTO), I needed to fashion a new wheel-bracing mechanism. The double door hinge design provides great rotation resistance and a high degree of adju...


First impressions (midnight until two last night)...

It's all just too real

So Yahoo reported on a study by a German research group that concluded that racing video games are linked to reckless driving.