Preview | 2009.12.20

The master bathroom is progressing steadily.

If I can reroute the water pipes to their new home in the cornered-off section, I can finish the plywood paneling (then roofing felt and monkey board). The 45 degree angle opens the shower up quite a bit and should make it easier to add body sprayers. It won't be quite as glamorous as Jeff's suggestion, which is regrettably too wide.

I've been through numerous sketches, this is the working plan. I can draw on experience for the shower room and sink. Installing a tub would require a new drain, something I haven't done. Thankfully the area is easy to get to, rather than being under the house or in the slab. Additionally the sink line can be used for the tub, so that's nice. Whatever the case, the tub won't be part of the first pass.

The window adjoining the skylights adds a ton of light to the room, I'm going to need to do some research into acrylic for this. That will lend to possibly installing a small partition to prevent overspray from hitting the toilet. And I'd like to find a sliding door inset with translucent acrylic for the shower room.

I was browsing Lowe's site and found quite a few soaking tubs up to seven feet long.

Removing the closet really opens up the room, to say nothing for how much it imposed on the bathroom - when there was a bathroom. Taking out the flimsy structure revealed a 6' x 4' nook, and that even some of the exterior walls were not insulated. The nook is pretty useless but does beat the attic for storage. Hmm.

Storypost | 2009.12.10

Last weekend was Connie's shower. Since two thirds of the organizers were dudes, it was reasonably palatable for Ryan and the numerous male invitees.

Decorations were in abundance and we played a lightning round of baby taboo.

We bought a lot of food, but the highlight was Jes's fondant ducks that nobody wanted to destroy by eating.

Presents, yeah.

I did a quick shoot beforehand to make a 12x18 that guests could sign.

Dog weimaraner Christmas tree living room

This evening the roomies and I got a tree.

Dragon Age Origins bear archery bow

Dragon Age is still quite entertaining, it's a vast game.

Dragon Age Origins dragon

Storypost | 2009.12.03