Review | 2015.02.04

Shower hanger hooks wet suit

I have been pingponging between not liking the towel bar selection at the hardware store and not trusting the quality of what I found online. The latter was kinda stupid considering where I source most things I evantually got around to putting in an order.

Three Jado 020s, two for the master bath, one for the guest bath. The form-fitting foam was a nice touch, all sniper-y.

thumbnail Jado 020 towel bar box thumbnail Jado 020 towel bar mount tile thumbnail Jado 020 towel bar mounted on tile thumbnail Jado 020 towel bar mounted on drywall bronze
thumbnail Jado 020 towel bar mounted on tile

Shower coat hook robust hanging wet suit and mask

It also occurred to me to get coathanger hooks for the showers since I frequently have water gear to hang. One Delta Lahara for the master, one for the guest.

The desk lamp I was using in my new, high-use study was pretty inadequate. After some looking I found a floor lamp that would behave, in some ways, like a ceiling fixture. On the subject of ceiling fixtures, I found a decent deal on a directional light for the media room (to replace the omnidirectional one). Now having the overhead light on doesn't result in a bright reflection in the tv.

Desk office floor lamp lighting Media room ceiling light fixture red

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