Storypost | 2008.09.24

Progress. I picked up the centerpiece for the media room. Furnishings include a futon and Justin's chair. The game systems are there, though tomorrow I have to call Microsoft to take the xbox back a second time. And the tv speakers were atrocious enough I immediately set up audio system.

The components are there, but much needs to be done before it actually looks like a media room. Of course this all comes after flooring and bathrooms. But the plans include:

Tiling soon. Picked up some 12x12 and 24x24 slate pieces that should look pretty good.


1. T.S. is one sexy man.

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Getting there

The 'rents came down this weekend. Mom bought me the taxadermed animal I wanted so badly.

More work

The first round of tile went in to the downstairs shower. China multicolor slate.


Some shower and light fixtures.

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