Storypost | 2015.01.31

La Jolla kelp forest dive underwater photography

Shane and I took our housings on their first dive. He has the D3000 rig with a pair of Ikelite 51s. Mine is the D700 with a single Ikelite 50.

Underwater photography dive gear

We had a lot of gear. The usual winter stuff: wetsuit, gloves, booties, hood. 26 lb of weight apiece, the housings and flashes. And dive gear. This'll be a lot more pleasant in warm water.

There were crabs, lobsters, and plenty of fish. Vis was okay by San Diego standards.

LA theatre

A phone shot of the UA theater in LA we got to tour on Erin's birthday weekend.

Annoying rock climber sticker rock climbing is cooler than your sport

Because climbers were not already sufficiently annoying.

Weimaraner dog California flag bandana

Kaf has a new bandana.