Storypost | 2009.08.23

Scuba diver kelp forest from below

Here's the rundown. Last weekend LT and J of And Four joined James and myself for a couple of dives at the cove.

Scuba dive fish grass underwater

Later on this week rfq scored us box seats to see the Friars beat up the Cubs. The nacho and hot dog bar was beyond words.

Dog weimaraner puppy toy rope play

The mouse is getting bigger and bigger. At the spca training class introduction, Jes said she most loves Kaf for his nigh-human expressiveness. I figured she was just being girly, but found a photo where he is showing pure indignation.

Nikon D700 viewfinder

I've only had a few opportunities to use it, but I'm loving the d700. I even took it to Connie's event.

Wedding reception winery


i like the fish photo. lots and lots of fishies!

1. No wonder I got ID'ed.


I think it's ironic that Ty got his dive knife caught in the kelp.


The saga of the dog, episode one

So the still-unnamed canine is resting peacefully. All it took was a mile run this morning, a visit from some Del Martians and Canadians (all photos by Connie), a mile+ walk this afternoon, and lots of trips up and down the stairs. Needless to say, it...


Some multiple exposure/flash fun at the park with the dog, Shar visits, and fantasy playoffs.


Diving Kauai.