Storypost | 2009.06.13

Dog weimaraner puppy lap cute

Dog weimaraner puppy nose

Dog weimaraner puppy biting weed

Dog weimaraner puppy sleeping


I never believed the adagium, but for this case it rings true - Chris looks like his dog.

Let me be more specific - their eyes are separated by a wide span.


Space required for my third optic, you probably can't see it.

Welcome to the joys of expensive vet bills... just wait until the first teeth cleaning..... it can get ridiculous

awww... little Puppikins!

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It was a rough weekend so I don't have a gaggle of cute puppy photos. Since last week he's learned to actually pick up the stick (below) and has made it onto the couch more than once.

Looking for more green

The grass is growing steadily, though not evenly. No worries there, I'm in no rush, but I'm happy with the color and consistency of the Bermuda.

Kafka at three months

Today I actually put in some effort into dog photos, not that I need any more up here but Connie made me do it. So I switched up lenses, flashes, filters, and backdrops. The yellow filter seemed to work the best for black and whites. I tried a wide r...