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Dog weimaraner puppy child meeting

So the still-unnamed canine is resting peacefully. All it took was a mile run this morning, a visit from some Del Martians and Canadians (all photos by Connie), a mile+ walk this afternoon, and lots of trips up and down the stairs. Needless to say, it may be awhile before I find myself at the bottom of a bag of pork rinds watching Home Shopping Network as the sun comes up. Those were good Tuesday/Thursdays.

Of course, it's great to have a bright-eyed, clumsy rodent stumbling around the house all day. It'll be a relief when he requires a little less maintenance and he'll probably the the ideal running buddy.

Day 1: There were some whimpers as we drove away from his mom, but the pup just cuddled up to Jessica and was content. We kept him entertained all day in an effort to reduce the transition anxiety. He adapted well to the new home, though he would cry when left alone.

We coaxed him to sleep, and it wasn't until 02:30 that we heard anything. Neighborliness compelled me to bring him inside, but still crated. There were a couple more howling sessions, but such things are unavoidable.

Day 2: I had a go at leash training, he had to be dragged/scruffed from the door to the sidewalk and then realized it was much easier to walk. He was a big fan of his first walk, and liked running with Connie and Ryan even more. I didn't hear a peep until sunrise.


doode. if you don't give him a name soon, it'll end up being what you currently call him ... "come here dog", which then would fall into the stereotypical engineer naming convention. At least Puppikins has a little more ring!

If you are going with the "-kins" theme you might as well name him Kropotkins.


You should name him spudnik


Uhhh you know your not supposed to run/walk a puppy right? Their joints are developing pretty much until they reach 12 months..short runs can be done around 8 months of age, but not an internet search

in that Flikr pic of Mo and SFS' Adam's apple, does anyone else see a face in the Adam's apple?


Thanks anonyrob, I was wondering that myself. Since my agent was looking into it, I made sure it was a short run in soft dirt. But now I'll have to find some other way to deplete his energy.


Heids I thought it was a chestbursting alien, except in the throat.

We look aged next to the young 'uns. Oil of Olay?

Name your dog Special Agent Pierce.

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