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Weimaraner dog costume Star Wars AT AT walker

Ducati 900 Supersport burst voltage regulator leaking

Somewhere along the way the Duc's voltage regulator decided to crack and leak. The problem manifested as a dead (new) battery and may well have been the reason my led tails blew. The prescribed voltage/resistance tests indicated that the alternator was fine, to my relief. When I pulled and inspected the regulator it seemed pretty certain.

I went out to DC to do some good old-fashioned shooting and looting (shlooting) with J. Not to say we spent the entire time in his basement.

Pedal kart path

We took little Jense out to a local farm for some sliding and karting and taunting farm animals.

Old Ox Brewery Virigina projector movie tasters

And we sampled from the latest local brewery opening, Old Ox.

But predominantly we ran through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel a couple of times. Thoughts:
While I was over there, Kafka was stomping rebels in his AT-AT costume:

Dog weimaraner Halloween Star Wars AT-AT costume Dog weimaraner Halloween Star Wars AT-AT costume
Friendsgiving 2014

Cabin Utah Park City patio

The week after DC was Friendsgiving in Park City. Now with more kids than ever - Lilly, Jack, Penny, Callen - we all honed our skills at baby beer pong. My jalapeno corn bread killed it.
Beach camping

Campground Cardiff California

The week after Park City was camping at the beach with Ryan and Serena. Good weather, warm water, Reese's s'mores. Win.

Ommegang Game of Thrones beer

Jon came down. Usual stuff. Call of Duty, flag football, tennis, hookah.

Weimaraner grass fall bandana

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