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I finished drywalling the 6x4 loft made accessible by the closet removal. It still needs to be patched, textured, and painted, but that's a breeze. What will it be? Storage space? Cat flat? Panic room?

I patched a couple areas on the lower terrace where the stucco had bubbled. Doing stucco sucks, so I gave thin set a try. The front wall had a couple spots where paint had peeled off, so I took care of that.

Dog weimaraner Vikings visor floppy ear


The pup may be getting over his fear of water. On our weekly run he charged through the stream crossing that recently swelled and washed away its footbridge. His display of courage emboldened Jes to do the same.

I've given him free reign of the garage now. The first day went well, the second day he learned to open the interior garage door (but didn't thrash the house).

On the third day he ate 31 (I counted) packages of Zack's Brainiac Snacks. Virtually none of it was digested. Curious how he got through so many, I gave him one and watched as he tore it apart with the grace of an intoxicated raccoon. He's considerably smarter now.

thumbnail Dog weimaraner couch eating snacks thumbnail Dog weimaraner couch eating snacks thumbnail Dog weimaraner couch eating snacks thumbnail Dog weimaraner Minnesota Vikings visor
thumbnail Dog weimaraner couch eating snacks thumbnail Dog weimaraner couch eating snacks

Mass Effect

Mass Effect The Illusive Man

There are reviews everywhere, a few other thoughts:
My heart sank when i went to HMV at lunch and the guy told me they only received three copies of the special edition and they were all reserved. But he recognized me and started calling around. He managed to track down a store that had it. I went back after work and he had it waiting for me. Even God was seen to shed a tear of happiness that night. LittleThingies
I'm finishing up my PS3 game at the moment, hopefully will be done by tonight. I'm gonna spend all weekend playing this game in the dark, my phone will be off. My subwoofer arrives tomrorow, just in time for this game. When I was a kid and mommy told me there will be plenty of time for games when I'm grown up and making my own money. She must have been talking about THIS MOMENT.
Yesterday evening I paid CR an unexpected visit. The sight I saw was jaw dropping: CR wearing grubby sweat clothes tucked away in a sleeping bag on a bean bag chair playing D&D. Next to him was unfinished hot pockets and cereal.
The smell accompanying the scene was "30 year old unemployed guy living in parents' basement."
As I left his house, I experienced envy for the first time in a long time.
DAMN YOU CR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super Sunday

Since Players has canceled the annual Super Bowl event, we've been forced to relocate to a residence.

Feathers in the Cap - Players
Feathers in the Cap - House
Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition board


It looks like there may be an Axis and Allies match coming up. There's been some discussion on possible house rules that might even the field and emphasize creative strategies.



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A backyard Super Bowl party and some Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition.


I bought the Sealy cal king that Costco stocks. It's comfy, it's big, it needs a frame.

A hot, steamy bowl of awesome

I started working on a killa chili recipe hoping to pass quals for the Manbird Invitational. Since I'm an open source kinda guy, I'll bore you with pictures and descriptions later.

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Warhammer For Adults: Stokesy

Pictures, apparently, paint a thousand words. Here is a story of Stokesy the tank: Its a Ramshackle Games tank. A Rhebok APC, as I recall....

Garrus Effect? Your Favourite Turian Could Star in a Mass Effect "Spin-Off" | The Lowdown

In this month's issue of Official Xbox Magazine, the big names behind the Mass Effect franchise open up about plans for the next game in the Mass Effect franchise. In an interview with director Casey Hudson, lead writer Mac Walters, level designer Dusty Everman, producer Mike Gamble and lead designer Preston Watamaniuk, it was hinted...

Mass Effect: Andromeda?-?Aimlessly Going Forward

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