Storypost | 2010.01.31

Weimaraner dog bed construction

I bought the Sealy cal king that Costco stocks. It's comfy, it's big, it needs a frame.

I cleared off most of the master balcony, though I'm not quite sure what to do with the shelving that's in pretty good shape - albeit pink trimmed. The foosball table is going out there, I think that'll be the place to be come summer.

Office computer desk

Heather's departure has freed up prime real estate for a study. My fantasmical workshop of killer apps and photography is now situated between the media room and the garage. I don't really need the upstairs anymore.

Mass Effect 2 armor

I'm rolling right into a second playthrough of Mass Effect 2. The first run was a bit hasty so I could use the finish bonuses for the second, real effort.


I missed driving around. I kept waiting for the rover to appear in the garage.

Kaf sleeps in your bed?



I finished drywalling the 6x4 loft made accessible by the closet removal. It still needs to be patched, textured, and painted, but that's a breeze. What will it be? Storage space? Cat flat? Panic room?

With carpet

Master bedroom.

Off repeat

Danny Trejo opens a taco shop in Yara, the lolbaters play the Super People beta, and I play ME3 From Ashes.