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Weimaraner Indianapolis Colts glove unhappy puppy

Like I said, no more Super Bowl at Players so Cheryl took it upon herself to organize a similar event with better food for half the cover.

Pool party Super Bowl deck jump

After two days of rain, the sun came out on Sunday. Of course the pool was in the fifties so I enlisted PBR's pool heater assistance. Starting at seven or so the night before, with a cover, the water was in the eighties by noon.
I also put down sod on the terrace.

Beer pong beirut 4x8

B took some photos too:

thumbnail Dog weimaraner playing grass yard thumbnail Dog weimaraner playing grass yard play bow thumbnail Super Bowl party squares thumbnail Super Bowl party pong
thumbnail Super Bowl party grass pool dog

Beer keg tap buffet food Colts jersey

L&L, boneless spicy wings, nacho cheese... a full stomach was easy to come by. Jedi Juice made its annual appearance, as did Kevin's sports book and squares.

We moved the tv outside so we could engage in outdoor activities while watching the game.

Halftime featured the presentation of the Medieval Gridiron trophy. Even the die hard Colts fans didn't let The Pick damp the event.

Much appreciation to everyone for coming out and Cheryl for organizing it.

Oh, and the day before was an Axis and Allies showdown at the avocado grove. We played 1942, no national objectives. Everybody rolled for a free tech at the start, most of them were worthless (Japan radar, Russia super subs). Germany did get mechanized infantry, so that was nice.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition Japan moves

Connie (Japan) open by taking out the Indian and Hawaiian fleet with expected losses. She committed her transport to southeast Asia and built a factory on Burma.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition Germany move

I (Germany) sank the Quebec fleet and managed to capture well-fortified Egypt. I opened up the eastern front and exchanged territories with Rob (Russia) the entire match. Karelia did stay in German hands from round one until it was liberated by the British, but Moscow and Caucusus remained Russian.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition UK moves

Curt (UK) reclaimed Egypt with a daring artillery-infantry v. tank attack. He aggregated his fleet near Canada, then built a factory in South Africa.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition US moves

Ryan (Italy) took both Egypt and Jordan, opening the Suez and a corridor to eastern Europe. Jon (US) responded to Connie's limited occupation of Hawaiian waters with a sub-plane attack. He reinforced Curt's defenseless carrier and began the battle for air superiority with his bombers.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition UK Italy moves

Connie attempted a mutual destruction of the Pacific fleets, sending her 4,4,3,3,2,1 against Jon's 4,3,3,2,2. Jon managed to escape with a battleship and transport in what would be the first lucky (but not miraculous) break for the Allies.

She took India with ease and began the endless stream of tanks from Burma to the eastern front. Curt moved his ships around and prepared for a legitimate Africa defense while Ryan spread to Sudan, Persia, and the mouth of the Med.

I tried an ambitious blitz-air assault of Moscow in an attempt to put the Allies agaisnt the ropes. I knew it would be costly since tanks were my bullet sponges, but the odds were in my favor, as well as the benefits of a fallen capital. It was not to be, the Allies caught another break and Rob found himself with enought Luftwaffe wreckage to build a Lada for every proud Soviet.
After this the eastern front became a sad, empty wasteland where neither combattant could put up a significant attack or defense.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition moves

Connie sent her Indian fleet back to the Pacific to counter Jon's capture of the Solomons. It's interesting to consider what might have happened had she gone through the Suez to join Ryan's flotilla. The aggregated Persian forces were not enough to take Cacasus, though the lightly defended Kazakh was exchanged a few times.

I blitzed a tank through northern Russia to sap Rob's income and retook Norway, which had fallen to Curt's first landing. Ryan began reinforcing the eastern front, a move that would prove important later in the campaign.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition US Italy Japan moves

Jon built a huge bomber force and lost very few, even while attacking solid defenders. He simultaneously sank Ryan's sizeable Mediterranian fleet and took Morocco. Ryan also found himself being threatened by a ground force in Africa. But he pulled a glorious end-around by taking South Africa (+ factory), leaving Curt with no way to reinforce.

Curt's fleet sunk the flighterless German ships and invaded Norway once again. Connie's fleet finally aggregated in the Pacific, putting Jon's battleship on the run. She landed troops in Alaska and began to threaten a eurocentric American campaign.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition moves

Rob took back a few territories to get his income into the twenties. Curt moved from Norway to Karelia and invaded France without the intention of keeping it. Ryan dropped reinforcements into Egypt and showed again that Italy can make a difference by taking out a lightly defended American bomber. More importantly he sent six tanks into Caucusus against a few infantry and a fighter (that never scored a hit), three tanks survived. This puts Rob in a bind since the majority of his troops are in Moscow, which he cannot lose.


Japan: Not threatened - as usual, Connie can continue to funnel tanks into Russia as that corridor has never been threatened. The Pacific is hers, unless Jon tries a counterattack with his remaining boats and lots of bombers. She needs more transports to put Jon on the defensive, but could easily take Siberia to prevent Jon's long distance bomber strikes.

USSR: Retaking Caucusus is possible, but far from easy or cheap. The income level of seventeen doesn't help either. Without a way to get help from allies, the situation is very difficult.

Germany: Mediocrity. I can retake France and defend Europe, but the east is up for grabs. That British fleet cannot be sunk without a huge effort, luckily they cannot land many troops at the moment.

UK: Curt has a very powerful fleet, though his landing craft are lacking. The foothold on Norway is important as Africa is a losing battle.

Italy: If Ryan can hold Caucasus, the Axis future may be bright. Africa is a few turns away, and that kind of income can make a difference. The captured factory is useful both for mopping up Allies and defending against an American landing.

US: America isn't hard to defend, but Jon would rather spend his money elsewhere. With four bombers in the UK, he can ensure Germany is paying twenty ipc per turn, but that's about it. He has to get into the ground game at some point, and it's no small effort to do so.


I hate that Italian transport

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