Listpost | 2010.02.10

Collage screenshot far cry left4dead borderlands horizon skyrim

Last month I posted my favorite photos from the 2010-2019 decade, here's its virtual cousin. Here are screenshots from this decade that I like technically, aesthetically, or nostalgically. You may notice the post is at the beginning of the decade, I've chosen this as a convention so I can keep a running post for in-progress decades.

Starcraft 2 Queen of Blades
Starcraft II would have better been titled Starcraft I.I/3, in that it wasn't much different from it's much earlier predecessor and only contained one of the three campaigns. Still, the cinematics were pretty cool and a little creepy.

Skyrim dragon horse
This has all the essential Skyrim in one shot: a sneaky archer, companion, and mountain goat/horse sizing up a dragon with snow-capped peaks in the background. There is most assuredly a small cave entrance behind that tree leading to an extensive cavern system *persuasion 100*.

Destiny moon view
Getting a PS4 meant I could easily take screencaps of console games and my blog was forever changed. Destiny had amazing graphics and the play mechanics, just not a lot of content.

Sim City 2000 monster destroy city gif
A monster going full Jurassic Park 2 on Sahn Diago (well just one frame because time lapse), igniting a fire that goes full gender reveal on Sahn Diago.

Far Cry 4 RPG lake mountain
Far Cry 4 in a nutshell. That game was pretty.

Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina Attack on Dragon Keep wizard Claptrap
The most iconic character from the most iconic DLC from the greatest shooter-looter of all time.

Planetside 2 Galaxy Biolab
Why I loved Planetside 2: the map, the tactics, the classes, the air battles, and the purple spandex.

Fallout 4 diner
A scene out of any Fallout installment, this one happened to be #4.

The Division Tom Clancy Dark Zone bodies
The whole division vibe right here - cover shooting with tech powers and neat Tom Clancy-y animations. Gritty post-pandemic street scenes and the PVP Dark Zone.

Warframe Mag
There's nothing more Warframe than a stock Mag being taxied by a couple of fashionframed allies.

The Last of Us giraffes
One of the coolest moments in all of gaming.

The Witcher 3 mountain boat
Pristine views and great character development in The Witcher 3.

Left 4 Dead 2 gas can bridge suppressed smg
Left 4 Dead 2: co-op, zombies, gas cans, and zip-tied suppressors.

Dying Light stadium
Left 4 Dead + Assassin's Creed = Dying Light.

Dying Light The Following Mother
The Dying Light DLC was a good one and culminated with this frightening creature.

Rebel Galaxy ship battle
Seventy hours before the mast - Rebel Galaxy felt and played like a pirate game set in space.

Horizon Zero Dawn scenic sunset tallneck
My first game with photo mode. A moveable camera and depth of field was a great way to capture the sometimes-beautiful, sometimes-desolate world of Horizon.

Sea of Thieves boarding ship battle
Sea of Thieves ship battles were an experience unlike anything previous. They would culminate slowly as the aggressor would give chase and then peak with a well-balanced battle of captaining tactics, shooting, and boarding.

PUBG Battlegrounds sidecar upside down
Playing PUBG with 85% seriousness has provided more squad gaming fun than anything else that I've played.

Far Cry 5 winsuit Father statue skydive
Essential Far Cry 5 right here: wingsuiting toward a statue of the cult leader 'Father', remote Montana as the backdrop.

Stay tuned, in ten years I'll post my next installment.