Listpost | 2000.01.10

Collage Fuji Jade dirt bike Obama meme fire

Here I present the photos from this decade that I like technically, aesthetically, or nostalgically. You may notice the post is at the beginning of the decade, I've chosen this as a convention so I can keep a running post for in-progress decades.

It's also a 'retropost', in that I created it much, much later but it's backdated. Anyway, without further ado:

Pacific Beach Block Party 2003 band PB California
A street scene from the 2003 PB Block Party; PB's rendition of Freaknik.

Alaska Yukon mountain reflection scenic lake
The Alaska trip had some breathtaking sights, this was one of them.

San Diego Cedar fire 2003
LARPing as photojournalists and wandering the county during the Cedar Fire wasn't wise, but it was an experience.

Hiking cross process photo slide film
A short and ill-fated hike in Julian was a great opportunity to try cross-processing.

Golden gate bridge monochrome weather
A fairly standard shot of a frequently-photographed bridge, I still like this one.

Mt Shasta climb summit view California
One of a few neat shots from the second Shasta expedition.

Hong Kong high rise
Hong Kong.

Portrait slide film
I'm kind of garbage at portraiture but this was a fun shoot with digital, slide, and cross process.

Froading offroading trailer guitar atv dirt bike
Captured the vibe of Jon's birthday 'froading excursion.

Drift day El Toro 350z airstrip
Drift day was a neat thing to shoot, this was my fav.

Palomar Mountain California twisties motorcyle knee
Shooting the twisties, my favorite from the bunch.

Ducati Monster Maui Hawaii Haleakala road view
Unfortunately this frame doesn't/can't provide the context on its own. This was the Haleakala crater road, almost two miles above the Pacific ocean. The weather and road were pristine.

Portrait sepia
The rare occasion that I could figuratively ensnare Jes for portraits.

Dog weimaraner puppy cute
One of my first shots of the Kafdog. This was a pose he'd use often.

Dirt biking froading offroading Plaster City California
None of us are particularly good with dirt bikes, but the remoteness and desolation is a cool vibe.

Dog weimaraner puppy cute ears
Yeah I am in danger of making these all doggieposts.

Stay tuned, in ten years I'll post my next installment.