Storypost | 2009.09.07

Fantasy draft live draft
Medieval gridiron

I've finally made the jump to two fantasy leagues, but will maintain my own rule that
Thou shalt not speak of thine 'other fantasy league' whilst conversing about a league.
Unless it's really interesting.

Commish shirt fantasy draft football

Medieval Gridiron went with a paper draft this year, drawing managers from as far as San Francisco and New York just to participate in this archaic player selection method. Except Bret phoned it in.

Backyard game testicle toss

The spiritual successor to the 071109 party, there was excellent food and enough drink to prevent dehydration in the sweltering September sun. Distractions included a closer-than-expected USC-SJ game, as well as some outdoor activities.

Fantasy football live draft decisionmaking

Like any good draft there was no lack of intense thought, debate, criticism, and spirited finger pointing.


Fantasy football live draft board

Cheryl worked very hard to provide the decor and Big Board, for that I promised her plenty of imagery to document her efforts.

Sunday was the first full game of Axis, it took a mere nine hours to find a winner. Long story short:


Agreed, fantasy football conjures images of a bunch of guys sitting around folding tables in a 70s faux wood paneled room. You did not fail to deliver.

The wood paneling and folding chairs remind me of a bingo hall.

Wow a paper draft??!!!?? someone put a lot of work into that.