Preview | 2011.10.30

Waxed plank diving pool

Friendsgiving is returning to San Diego next week so I've been working hard on the house.

The downstairs back wall was looking a bit ragged so I painted it to match the surrounding terrace walls. Since it's under the deck, the dark color won't make any appreciable difference to house temperature in summer. This area will get a couch, rug, patio heater, temporary walls, and other amenities for the weekend. Of course the adjacent pool will soon be heated.

String lights deck mount

The Table in a Bag commercial (e.g. Green Flash has them) lights do well to light above the deck and pool, so I bought another length for under the deck. Now to get more 2W led bulbs from Costco.

Outdoor gfci electrical outlet

Running the lights from the inside switch meant either stripping the plug from the cord or converting the light fixture to an exterior gfci. The latter seemed more sensible; weatherproof faceplate to come.

Photo credit Sue.

Thursday was Dog Halloween at the park. The best on-the-spot costume I could manage was to make Kafka a surf dog. When the sleeves ran past his front paws he walked funny.

Wedding cake Las Vegas Venetian fountain
Photo credit Dan.

A couple weekends back was Heidi's wedding in sunny Nevada. It was great to see a lot of people who are normally very far away, and there were so many amazing meals. Hopefully the couple will soon come see Heidi's San Diegan brothers.

Crawmerax the Invincible Borderlands General Knoxx

And the weekend before Las Vegas was DC, or Borderlands rather, on account of linked xboxes and very little to do in suburban Virginia. We covered almost all of the dlc:

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