Storypost | 2019.06.30

Borderlands Knoxx Crimson Causeway

Mimosas pinkies out

The Women's World Cup and Gold Cup have offered some exciting and anxiety-inducing soccer.

It was time to drain and refill the pool.

I concreted in the light housing.

Gravity Heights Brewery patio weimaraner dog

The GBES event this month was Gravity Heights. Finally, an alternative to Karl Strauss in the Sorrento Area, dog friendly too.

Gravity Heights pizza peppers chili oil

The pizza is phenomenal.

Lightning Jacks San Diego bbq

I was shocked and dismayed to find that Lightning Jack's closed.
Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Salamander vendor item pot

Otherwise, the man cave has been a great place to stay cool and get in some pc and ps4 gaming.

Risk of Rain 2 Mercenary Stone Titan many strike drones

The lolbaters/RoR squad has made some progress on unlockables and secrets. We managed to find the Gilded Coast and Aurelionite on our first attempt:

Borderlands GOTY

Borderlands Dr Ned Jakobs Lumber Mill

J and I blasted through the Borderlands GOTY DLC. We were impressed, once again, by the ambition of the Knoxx DLC and the hilarity of the Claptrap saga.

thumbnail Borderlands GOTY Steele vault key thumbnail Borderlands GOTY load screen Crawmerax lair thumbnail Borderlands GOTY crimson lance blurry
thumbnail Borderlands GOTY hyperion factory
thumbnail Borderlands GOTY Claptrap change poster Che thumbnail Borderlands GOTY viva la robolution arena
thumbnail Borderlands GOTY Scooters shop
thumbnail Borderlands GOTY causeway secret final boss exit thumbnail Borderlands GOTY Hyperion satellite thumbnail Borderlands GOTY Cluck Trap
thumbnail Borderlands GOTY Moxxi underdome

Fight for Sanctuary

Borderlands 2 Scooter sick ass jump space cowboy feels

From GOTY we rolled right into the Borderlands 2.5 DLC. We mostly played it for the story; our OP8 builds were pretty dominant. It was a pretty good ride, though it was a bit self-congratulatory (paging Mass Effect Citadel DLC). The dialogue was funny, as always, though I'm not sure I'll be able to handle the new Claptrap voice actor for a full game.

thumbnail Borderlands 2 rainbow rarity smg thumbnail Borderlands 2 Fight for Sanctuary Scooter picture thumbnail Borderlands 2 Fight for Sanctuary Tiny Tina dragon bomb shooting the moon thumbnail Borderlands 2 Fight for Sanctuary Butt Stallion
thumbnail Borderlands 2 Fight for Sanctuary Winging It Talon Mordecai

New PUBG strat


Back to it

A trip out east, a RHCP tribute band, Borderlands GOTY, and RoR2.

Rare finds

Finishing BG3 Act I, some cuteness, and Harland's Ube IPA.


Prepping wood planks for the next project, chasing an elusive Gloomhaven personal quest, concatenate layers in ML, and a little bit of recreation.