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E3 2019 Borderlands 3 Psycho swag mask

Between some great new releases and an attendee crew, this was a pretty fun E3.

E3 2019 Borderlands 3 statue Zane

Without a doubt, Gearbox/2K conducted a masterful exhibition of Borderlands 3. They checked all the boxes:
E3 2019 Gearbox 2k Borderlands 3 demos screen

There were ample demo stations and staff, and no media-only restrictions or such nonsense.

E3 2019 Gearbox 2k Borderlands 3 playable demo psycho mask

The game plays like its predecessor, but they seemed to have evolved most aspects of the experience. More skills, more items, more convenience features, more game modes.

E3 2019 Borderlands 3 Moze Zane Fl4K statues E3 2019 Borderlands 3 booth psycho mask E3 2019 Borderlands 3 booth dark side of the moon rainbow

Ultimately it seems the game's reception will hinge on how well Gearbox executed on the story and how much variety is offered by the interplanetary journey.

E3 2019 xbox stage Star Renegades is that a mech farting

Once again, Microsoft bought out a theater separate from the convention center. It was a quality production but they didn't have much content.

E3 2019 Cyberpunk 2077 poster

After Keanu's Cyberpunk introduction (which was strangely reminiscent of Peter Dinklage's Destiny performance), there was plenty of hype around CDPR. We did not brave that line.

E3 2019 Techland Dying Light 2 poster

After a zombie-filled reveal last year, I was hoping to get my hands on Dying Light 2. Unfortunately, Techland only had an appointment-only(ish) conference room with a cinematic demo.

E3 2019 Forza Horizon Lego Senna McLaren E3 2019 Ubisoft booth Ghost Recon
Final Fantasy

E3 2019 lobby Final Fantasy VII Remake banner

Jeff - along with most other attendees - was excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake.

thumbnail E3 2019 crowd to get in thumbnail E3 2019 Trails of Cold Steel thumbnail E3 2019 Grave Digger thumbnail E3 2019 monster truck outside Watch Dogs thumbnail E3 2019 Monster Hunter dragon statue
thumbnail E3 2019 Catherine thumbnail E3 2019 Lego Han Solo carbonite thumbnail E3 2019 Monster Jam demo

As usual, there were plenty of smaller titles that were easy to get our hands on.


E3 2019 Rockstar Cotton Candy flavor has science gone too far

It wouldn't be E3 without new energy drink brands that will soon be out of business or new flavors from existing brands that should have never been conceived. There were a few powder additive options this time around as well as champagne-flavored Bang with creatine.

E3 2019 Watchdogs photobooth pig mask

It also wouldn't be E3 without collectibles, photobooths, and swag.

E3 2019 FFVII figurines E3 2019 Wolfenstein Youngblood photobooth E3 2019 Mr Gutsy statue

E3 2019 Yard House soccer USA Thailand World Cup

Tuesday stepped out to Yard House to catch the WWC match. Rumor has it Dr. Disrespect was also there, prior to his infamous incident.

E3 2019 US Womens National Team billboard Nike

E3 2019 scootering downtown Doom Eternal Lime

We had an airbnb Tuesday night. Pool, pizza, Mario Party. Perfect

E3 2019 air bnb view

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A few thousand fewer people attended this year's show, the event organizer announces.

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