Storypost | 2018.06.12

Neural style transfoer DL4J Fallout Brotherhood of Steel helmet

Food Amtrak business class

The usual routine didn't work out so well. Between a broken down Metrolink on the way back and an unfortunate fatal incident on the tracks going north, I spent eight hours on the train to three hours at the expo.

E3 2018 lines

That said, the steady decline of interactivity of the conference has continued. Where there used to be playable demos as far as the eye could see, major titles are appointment-only screenings of canned videos. The industry seems to trade to the media exclusivity for assistance with the hype train.

E3 2018 Bethesda shop

Many other conference goers simply seem in it for the exclusive plastic dolls you get for waiting in a six hour line. Oh Comiccon. Of course the event is still worth the few hours it takes to roam the exhibition halls and maybe check out a demo or two.

E3 2018 lines security

Security has gotten tighter. No more backpacks.

E3 2018 Pip Boy statue

Miraculously, Bethesda was more than just a plywood wall with a small tv screen on the outside, they're taking this seriously. Among their playable demos:

E3 2018 Elder Scrolls Online Summerset

Elder Scrolls Online expansion or something.

E3 2018 Elder Scrolls Legends

Elder Scrolls: the card game.

Not playable: Fallout 76, Wolfenstein, Fallout the tabletop game, Doom.

E3 2018 Bethesda E3 2018 Fallout 76 ad E3 2018 Fallout 76 E3 2018 Fallout Wasteland
Jurassic World

E3 2018 Jurassic Park jeep E3 2018 Jurassic Park E3 2018 Jurassic Park raptor

One of the bigger exhibits was for a Jurassic World game that had park management (build/repair stuff) and some third-person elements like tranqing dinos from a helicopter. It seems ambitious, at least.
The Division 2

E3 2018 Tom Clancy The Division 2 banner

Having just finished a second playthrough of The Division, I was happy to see the game was featured and playable.

E3 2018 The Division E3 2018 The Division 2 E3 2018 The Division 2 statue
Dying Light

E3 2018 Dying Light 2 banner

I got a heads-up from J that there would be a sequel to a game we very much enjoyed. But there weren't even any trailers.

E3 2018 Dying Light 2 zombie cosplay

Actually I discovered a great way to get free marketing. Make a zombie video game, show it at E3 (remember no playable demos), profit. There were zombies attached to exhibits but also wandering around and it was unclear if they came from Dying Light, Walking Dead, or... that LA tap water amirite???

E3 2018 Destiny 2 Forsaken

There seems to be a Destiny 2 expansion coming soon. J and I are about to pick up the main game, so this could be welcome content.
Cyberpunk 2077

E3 2018 CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red had a meeting room upstairs (presumably because they aren't a very big fish). Through the open door I could see various demo setups. Access was by appointment but they were letting people line up for empty seats.
Skull and Bones

E3 2018 Skull and Bones banner

Something like Sea of Thieves and the piratey Assassin's Creed game?

E3 2018 Skull and Bones

E3 2018 Anthem

Sort of looks like a Destiny/Titanfall crossover. Meh.
Super Smash Bros

E3 2018 Nintendo Super Smash Brothers

Looks like about what you'd expect.
Assassin's Creed

E3 2018 Anthem Assassins Creed Odyssey panel

This one is in like ancient Greece or something.
Persona 5 the music game, or whatever

E3 2018 Persona Royale

PUBG mobile

E3 2018 PUBG mobile

Wanting a chicken dinner shirt, I thought I'd try my hand at PUBG mobile. Controls were... not easy. I did not win the shirt.

E3 2018 VR gatling gun

VR was pushed off to the fringes of the exhibit halls. Facebook had a presence but wasn't even pushing Oculus too hard.

E3 2018 xbox

Microsoft moved its real estate out of the convention center proper and into some other part of LA Live. I didn't bother waiting in line to go in.
Missing in action

E3 2018 The Last of Us Pt 2 Ellie poster

The Last of Us 2

Beyond Good and Evil sequel teaser Peyj vaporware

Beyond Good and Evil 2

E3 2018 Gearbox

Borderlands anything. Image maybe unrelated since Take Two/2K would probably publish this.
Random shots

Fortnite, Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon, QLED TVs

thumbnail E3 2018 Fortnite bus thumbnail E3 2018 Persona 5 art thumbnail E3 2018 Dying Light zombies thumbnail E3 2018 foyer
thumbnail E3 2018 Monster Hunter Generations thumbnail E3 2018 Drakes thumbnail E3 2018 outside
thumbnail E3 2018 Pokemon Eevee thumbnail E3 2018 QLED
thumbnail E3 2018 crowd
Of course

E3 2018 Anthem blockchain Enjin Coin

Video game artifacts

E3 2018 Brotherhood of Steel helmet

Maybe part of the merch push or maybe because they needed to displace playable demos, there were plenty of glass-encased video game items. They ranged from detailed (Bethesda) to really janky looking (Nintendo).

E3 2018 Starfox helmet pistol

E3 2018 gamer chairs

The hot new thing is chairs. Chair vendors were everywhere in the periphery of the exhibit halls. I don't know why!

E3 2018 peripheral driving seat