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The Division, round two

Tom Clancy The Division Survival DLC

J and I are pretty far along Monster Hunter, so for a change of pace we started another playthrough of The Division. We're hoping two years of fixes have solved some of the endgame/pvp stuff. There's also a bunch of dlc that might be worth checking out.
EDH night

Magic the Gathering artwork

Last night we did four way edh madness at Corey's house. It had been a little while but I had some commander decks I was building and excited to try out.
Oloro Ageless Ascetic Soul Warden


I started with the Oloro deck hoping that the lifegain and passive lifesteal would work against three opponents. In some ways it did - Soul Warden netted me a bunch of life, especially when Martin put out a dude that would spawn a token whenever a spell was cast. On the down side, I became the defacto target when no one looked like they were building anything crazy. Still, I stayed above water for a while, in the 50s health-wise.

Archangel of Thune

I had a bit of a mana screw going (my shuffle was pretty haphazard). I was behind the mana curve and had no swamps (and three black cards in my hand). This is despite putting all the fixing and two color lands I could legally fit in the deck. When I eventually got a second plains I was able to put out an Archangel of Thune - buffing everything I own for each (frequent) lifegain. But Martin killed her as a response to my equipping of Swiftfoot Boots that would have kept her somewhat safe.
Inalla Archmage Ritualist Cruel Ultimatum Admiral Beckett Brass


Soon after, Kaz's Inalla deck managed to do a triple cast of Cruel Ultimatum to hit each of us and clear some of our creatures and hands. I was pretty well done for, though the command zone lifegain kept me in better shape than Martin and Corey (health-wise, anyway). I finally got Oloro out with no expectation of keeping him. Sure, I could put the swiftfoot boots on him, but Kaz had some unsummon combos going on and Corey's Beckett deck would just need to hit me twice to take the boots then Oloro. I didn't want to go full possum but also held out hope that the card draw with Oloro out might have given me something.

Dire Fleet Ravager

It didn't matter, on consecutive turns Kaz cast/flickered Dire Fleet Ravager to get everyone down to 1-2 health, bounced our blockers, and finished us off with his hasty copies.

Narset Enlightened Master

Game two went a little better. Having frantically transferred my shared cards I again didn't shuffle well. I ended up with two lands (although they were multicolor!) for quite a few hands. What's worse, the entire time I got to stare at two three-cast mana rocks that were the basis for me not mulliganing the initial draw. This made me the involuntary possum - I got considerably more pity than attacks.

Dictate of Karametra

Eventually Kaz had a play that would ostensibly solve my problems (but also serve his purposes) and put out a Dictate of Karametra - basically making my two (now three) lands good for double. At this point I was tempted to put out Narset or both mana rocks and go positive...
Hour of Revelation Derevi Empyrial Tactician


... but the board had gotten too heavy - Corey's Derevi shenanigans was about to begin so I played Hour of Revelation which naturally only required three to cast now that I had enough mana for the full cost. The board wipe bought me some time, so I was able to slowly get my mana rocks out and eventually Narset.
Seeker Quietus Spike


I had Seeker available to allow Narset to attack without dying, this is pretty useful in 4up games since someone's got to have not white/artifacts to block. Additionally I had Quietus Spike ready to equip.

Gaseous Form

I instead went with Gaseous Form; either the mana wasn't right or it felt like better protection. I wasn't going to cry over the meager damage Narset wouldn't do to one of my three opponents if it meant she could be protected from combat damage on top of her natural hexproof. My damage was going to come from four free spells, not my commander.
Horn of Deafening Mirage Mirror Axis of Mortality


At this point the game was really interesting. Kaz had two stupid-big dinosaurs out, Martin had a creature with like 15 +1/+1 counters, Corey was getting to use his lands twice a turn with some Derevi/drake craziness. The real mvp for me here was keeping four mana on tap and a Horn of Deafening and Mirage Mirror with an Axis of Morality insurance policy. Basically I could fizzle an attack and copy another so I was safe against a board with a few large creatures. If everyone went after me I'd be done for, but it was in their immediate interest to keep blockers up or attack someone else - both Kaz and Corey's commanders needed to deal combat damage to a player to activate their ability.

In retrospect, if they knew what was coming they probably would have eliminated me. And that's why this deck is probably no good for multiplayer, I'm either out early or, well, read on.

Beacon of Tomorrows

I think the first Narset activation was pretty mild, I had to exile some stuff that wasn't noncreature spells. I put out an artifact and enchantment or something. Interestingly, something made me scry and there was Beacon of Tomorrows, ready to be drawn for turn and not cast for free. Luckily I had enough mana to cast it normally, meaning two rounds of free spells and one round of normal casting. Since I had to leave four mana available for defense, I was pretty much only buying the second Narset effect.

Enter the Infinite

One of these draws gave me Enter the Infinite. Having just thrown the deck together I didn't actually fully consider this one (I shotgunned a combination of and mtg gatherer sort-by-expensive selections). It sounded cool but with a risk of decking myself, which is a serious prospect when you have to kill of three players in one-ish turn. With a little help from the rest of the table, it became evident that Beacon of Tomorrows would prevent decking. But since I hadn't figured this out myself and since the board was so cool otherwise I was happier just to leave it in exile.
Approach of the Second Sun


Approach of the Second sun was in there. This probably also would have done it and I knew that one when I added the card to the deck.


Another round went by and I managed to get a chance to cast Refuse for the purposes of putting Coorperate in my graveyard. The deck has lots of cool stuff and doubling it is fun.

Time Stretch

My next Narset draw gave me two extra turns. At this point everyone decided that a combination of my stupid broken deck and numerous long turns had killed what was otherwise a great edh free for all. I had a few fun effects on tap, too:
Swarm Intelligence Mechanized Production Metallurgic Summonings



Oloro Ageless Ascetic Zur the Enchanter General Jarkeld See all...


Honestly, winning with this deck seems unclear, at best. There are definitely ways to do it, but the most straightforward one rests on Aetherflux Reservoir or Felidar Sovereign. There's plenty of lifegain synergy and a few creatures that will get big, but the general strategy seems to be to maximize lifegain and take them down using a few creatures (yours or theirs) and convenient spells.

Narset Enlightened Master Jori En Ruin Diver Sword of the Animist See all...


So the main mechanic, of course, is four free spells. That means get all the crazy-expensive enchantments and sorceries available and hope to draw them after Narset comes out. Creatures, interrupts, and lands remain in exile. I threw in all the mana rocks, since it'd mean a quicker ramp and fewer wasted free castings. As described above, this was a major weakness.

The progression goes like this:

1. Use board wipes when necessary/possible, but ramp mana production to get Narset out.

2. Protect Narset using equipment and enchantments. She has to attack to get her effect.

3. Grow power based on what comes in the free spells. There's lots of enchantment/spellcasting synergy. Having bonus turns is always nice.

This one was pretty fun to put together - basically it was shopping for the most expensive cards and focusing on enchantments that don't get a lot of credit.

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