Storypost | 2018.02.25

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC screenshot Aloy tracking
Cape Run

Blind Lady Ale House BLAH Cape Run 2018 normal heights pink team

February of course means the Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run. Most of the usual suspects were there this time, plus Jessica and Shar.

187 room

Renovation murder room concrete pour cinder blocks shelf

Steady progress on the garage annex. I leveled another section but ran out of cinder blocks (having used 100ish, total).

Renovation murder room concrete pour shelving cinder blocks tool storage

Going the other way, I've capped some of the cinder blocks and built stairs to get at the terraces behind. The near shelf could probably be used for a few high-use tools (drill, driver, sawzall) and maybe the backer could be a magnet board with open-end wrenches and drill bits.

Renovation murder room concrete pour shelving cinder blocks lumber storage

Wood storage is near the ceiling but across from the door (for easy removal of long beams). I used server pallets to create vertical sections so I don't have to stack boards and reshuffle every time I want the bottom one.
Safari Park

San Diego Safari Park tiger

For Valentine's weekend Jes and I went to the Safari Park for their overnight glampout. The vday theme was kind of unnecessary, but the benefit was that it was an 18+ event, which is especially important with tents in close proximity.

San Diego Safari Park tour lion camp feeding schedule

There's an early AM tram ride, some close-ups with armadillos and such, and a few peeks behind the scenes.

Sleeping lion San Diego Safari Park

The camp site is close-ish to the lion area, so you get to hear the occasional roar throughout the night - though the near side of the lion area is a wall of plexiglass so the sound is somewhat distorted. Seeing the cats just before feeding is like seeing a 500lb vicious Kafka before breakfast.
Horizon fin

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC screenshot Aloy view

I used my Safari Park recovery day to finish off Frozen Wilds.

Overiding the bear dudes is pretty fun.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Tailrider Safari Palico

J, Derrick, Mark, and I have gotten a few more MHW sessions in. And our palicos have done a few not-at-all-adorably-named tailrider safaris.

Film photography 35mm dog concrete murder room monochrome

I had some 35mm exposures left over from the wedding so, lacking anything specific to shoot, I put the dog in the murder room and then walked around the canyon.

La Cronut Water

Le Cronut Water La Croix Coconut water

Not to be confused with cronuts. You're welcome, civilization.