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San Francisco Ghirardelli night time bay

Jes and I did a couple travel weekends, first to SF for a wedding. Since Virgin canceled our flight, there wasn't much free time, but we did sneak in some flag football/running, dinner with the Smiths, and Buena Vista coffees.

Cafe in San Francisco Lego wedding table arrangement SFO Alaska airlines plane

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas lunch

The following weekend we went on to Las Vegas for friendsgiving. We got in late Thursday so we stayed at the Hard Rock and then had a long lunch at Hoffbrauhaus. We managed to make it back to SD just in time to be an hour late to Chase's wedding.
Cold water

Stock image shower

We hadn't been home from SF an entire day when the water heater started leaking. I bypassed the Costco approach since neither of us could get away from work. Home Depot or some plumber was a backup solution, but I thought we might give Amazon Home Services a try. I figured local places would be bending over backward to be their authorized installer.

Bosch Greentherm C950 tankless water heater product image

It seemed like a good time to go tankless - thermal efficiency, limitless heated water, fewer leaks. Going this route meant an extra couple hundred bucks-ish for the appliance though I didn't really try to compare apples to apples (in terms of flow rate, etc.). The install fee went up from $450 to $950, but I figured we'd bite the bullet and be happy about it in retrospect.

Happy until Wednesday, that is, when the installer canceled on us. The next available date would be Sunday, which is a pretty long time to go without hot water. Add to that the fact that we'd be hosting Mark for a few days while we went to friendsgiving.

Well, Thursday while I was at work, Pops pulled the leaky water heater. That afternoon the new one came in and I came back to strategize. Dad went to get the plumbing supplies, I put up the mounting bracket, and we hung the Bosch appliance. Over Friday and Saturday, Dad ran the water lines, gas line, and vent to the new mounting locations and then fired it up.

Bosch tankless water heater installed

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition board endgame

After a month or two the Axis powers finally held Ottawa to win the victory city winning condition and defeat the wretched Allies. The writing was on the wall since Moscow fell, but with powerful American and British fleets, Berlin and Tokyo were in danger until the endgame when, interestingly, research proved extremely important.

X-Wing miniatures Y-Wings X-Wing miniatures VCX-100 build cards

We got a quick X-Wing match in where I finally got to try Ghost. For being thrown together on the fly, I think the build was pretty good. The quick attack shuttle had attack bonuses for being outside the enemy's firing arc, had a dorsal turret to have a 360-degree firing arc, and had a crewman that could look at an opponent's maneuver dial before moving. Combine this with a free boost or barrel roll before movement and it was all about evading and backstabbing.

The hammer was to be provided by Ghost. It had some torpedoes, which are always good, and a sensor jammer to help with its lack of maneuverability. A recon specialist gave it a bonus focus token which could be used in attack and then to reduce an attacker's dice count. The gunner crewman meant misses could be rerolled. What it didn't have, however, was a skilled pilot and I managed to fly it out of bounds.

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 board

We're now on to Pandemic Legacy Season II and still alive after two months, so woo.

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