Preview | 2009.07.15

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition macro figures

A&A finally arrived. It took two days to get from Texas to LA and ten days to get from LA to SD. That's a bit late to throw down with the sappers, but I might catch them on the north side. There are hints of Rob and Lanes, some other interest has been expressed, and Sam grew anxious has he and I set up the big board whilst verbally tweeting about recent events.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition figures Russia macro

1. Defend Russia.
2. ???
3. Profit!


All over the map

Jes and I did a couple travel weekends, first to SF for a wedding. Since Virgin canceled our flight, there wasn't much free time, but we did sneak in some flag football/running, dinner with the Smiths, and Buena Vista coffees.

Blowing off some dust

J and I are pretty far along Monster Hunter, so for a change of pace we started another playthrough of The Division. We're hoping two years of fixes have solved some of the endgame/pvp stuff. There's also a bunch of dlc that might be worth checking out.


Murder room concrete work, a wedding shoot, the Horizon Zero Dawn finale, and Pandemic Legacy.