Infopost | 2018.05.13

California capitol building Sacramento


Here we are for another round of "Who's on the ballot?"

Peter Y. Liu | R

California primary voter guide candidate Peter Liu

[Entire statement]


Christopher N. Carlson | G

California primary 2018 voter information guide Christopher Carlson

"Teach your children calculus And keep the plant safe Or feathered stones and empty bowls Will also be their fate"
[Entire statement]


Johnny Wattenburg | NP

California 2018 primary voter information guide Johnny Wattenburg

Why not!
[Entire statement]

This guy gets it. But no.

Erin Cruz | R

California primary voter guide candidate Erin Cruz

Less Tax, Less, Regulation, Less Government. Together we will Make California Golden Again.
[Entire statement]

Less capitalization and incorrect punctuation please!

Don J. Grundmann | NP

California primary voter guide candidate Don Grundmann

A campaign for Sanity. There's no such thing as "transgender." It does not exist. What does exist are broken people... Go to to join the Constitution Party - the last and only party in California which will fight to defend our children and families. USA vs Sodom Inc.

But your email is Which is your single issue? Taxation = theft or USA vs the corporation of Sodom?

John "Jack" Crew | R

California primary voter information guide John Crew

Atrocity of abortion-on-demand must end.
[Entire statement]

Too busy for a definite article. I like this guy.

Herbert G. Peters | D

California primary voter guide candidate Herbert Peters

Deomocrat. Christian. Pro-Life. End Inflation. Constitutional Tax. Restore Prosperity: our first 100 years "we the people" became the greatest wealth producers in the world with no minimum wage and after Civil war tax rate of 3.1%, (today over 20%). As government grows...

Wait, hold on, Herb. I know you've been around a while, but you sound like you missed the democrats going from being the slaveowning party of the South to being the liberal party. Wait...

Oh right! I remember you. Speaking of, another blast from the past:

Ling Ling Shi | NP

California primary voter information guide Ling Ling Shi

Run for God's Heart and America's Freedom, Challenge 2016 U.S. Presidential Election results: 2016 U.S. Presidential Election should be nullified by the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. should re-hold 45th U.S. Presidential Election; Challenge 10 giant chaos in U.S. Economy and Economy-Related sectors.
[Entire statement]

Still on that 10 giant chaos thing eh? I'm not sure about you as a U.S. Senate Candidate: your qualifications for U.S. Senate Candidate seem suspect considering how U.S. Senate Candidate Ling Ling Shi constructs sentences.

And it looks like Jason M. Hanania has gone from "01100101" to a full paragraph of tech vomit including, of course, blockchain. But we also have a new challenger that's part-Massie Munroe, part-Jason Hanania:

Kevin Mottus | R

California primary voter guide candidate Kevin Mottus

The FCC forced roll out of the new 5G wireless technology and Internet of THings will force a cell tower transmitter in front of every 2-12 homes emitting high density, high frequency wireless mircrowave Radio Frequency radiation (24Ghz-90Ghz)... Why are we allowing the industry controlled FCC to microwave poison our children, families, homes and workplaces... We must stop the deployment of these deadly 5G cell tower transmitters near our homes.