Metapost | 2018.05.31

Deep learning neural style transfer DL4J
New meta

Sometimes there are fun conversations I think about transcribing, so I added support in my web tools. This, of course, meant partly manifesting a longstanding desire to create avatars for everyone mentioned herein. The second part is ongoing, the first part took an hour or two at the keyboard.

... until Alf gets caught roofiing other castmembers.
is that how you spell it? sants
I wouldn't know. But I assume it's like skiing.
or snookiing
It's actually Zac that engages your mindless celebrity banter. I'm the one you talk to about VPNFilter. And Reverse Scrum.
wtf is reverse scrum?
It's like Scrum, but reverse. It's the hottest new thing in software process engineering.
You write the code, then tell people how long it took you and then figure out why you did it?
It's still considered scrum because there's no testing.
Dang, this guy is ready to be an uncertified ScrumSlave. You just need to take my six week course.
I am a certified Scrum Master from a previous job, actually. Somewhere there's a printed piece of paper that confirms it. sants
Do you ever wonder about your life choices?
No need. I'm doing life in reverse Scrum. By the time I need to figure out why I did it, I'll be dead.
That's the inagility that makes a great engineer! Don't forget to determine how long things took by playing a dice game.
That makes me more agile actually. If there is no plan, it's impossible to be inagile.
There is a plan, it just happens in reverse. Good god I need to buy you a Reverse Scrum book.
Here's your super meta certificate:

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Battleship board game

Jes and I have had some casual evenings out. In one I got wrecked at Battleship. And Scrabble.

Birch Scripps aquarium tank shark fish kelp Campari

We also went to a concert at Birch.
Style transfer

Deep learning DL4J style transfer Zero motorcycle cafe racer art

Not a ton of work on the neural side of things, but did get larger images going along with some code refactor.

Deep learning neural style transfer DL4J Picasso
LED headlight

Deep learning DL4J style transfer Zero motorcycle

Grabbed a Sealight 9003 led lamp for the Zero. Seems wise to go led with an electric vehicle. The swap went well, I was even able to keep the dust boot in the configuration. Of course working with connectors in tight areas is never a quick process.

CRG bar end mirror adapter

Also picked up the CRG in-bar adapter to make the bar end mirror from the Duc work.
Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves bombarding ship in port

The lolbaters crew is going fully against the pirate code - lighting up ships in port, ignoring signalling lights, and other piratey things. Rarecrosoft released a minor content update, hoping more comes soon.

Sea of Thieves island view Sea of Thieves ship kraken tentacle

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